Mom Hides $5 Under a Piece of Trash to Test Her Kids' Tidying Habits & They Failed Miserably

The mom's post about her cleaning "pop quiz" is going viral. 

Mom Cleaning Bathroom
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February 21, 2019

From the time kids are tiny tots, many parents aim to foster their tidying habits. After all, they'll need them for life—and it definitely doesn't hurt to have an extra pair of helping hands around the house! Unfortunately, not all kids take so quickly to keeping their rooms neat and organized or making an effort to straighten up communal spaces. Whether they're leaving their toys laying around or aiming for a trash bin only to miss and shrug, these careless habits often make it seem like they just expect Mom or Dad to take care of the dirty work. And one mom named Miranda Crimbring was just not having that anymore, so she decided to test her kids and shared her experiment on Facebook in a now viral post.

Crimbring wrote, "Well, while trying to prove a point to my kids, we’ve just surpassed the 48hr mark of the 'who will pick up the random piece of trash that they KNOW isn’t supposed to be there' challenge... Between the kids AND the husband, and MULTIPLE trips in and out of the bathroom, this little piece of heaven may just be in it for the long haul! #easymoney #justddotherightthing #decorativefeature #stopthemadness"

She included photos of a piece of crumpled up paper that she left in the bathroom—along with a $5 bill underneath.

She later offered an update on day 3: "Checked the bathroom after the kids brushed their teeth. Paper is still there, though it looks like somebody may have kicked it? Also, please notice the newest additions (not made by me) of some used floss and toilet paper."

That evening, she shared: "UPDATE: They are brushing their teeth. As you can see, we’re still going strong, folks!!" Crimbring wrote. "But seriously, just do the right thing. Am I right?!"

Finally, she told her followers about a gasp-worthy—albeit fairly anticlimatic—turn of events. “BREAKING: The paper has been PICKED UP!! My daughter threw her dirty clothes on top of it before getting in the tub.. when she went to grab them afterwards, it flipped money side up and kind of slid across the floor. She gasped and then shrieked in surprise saying ‘Oh my gosh, this was under there... five dollars!’” Crimbring wrote.

But instead of throwing the paper in the trash, Crimbring reported that her daughter left it on the counter. The face palm-inducing chain of events ultimately lead to a big family talk, the mom reported. “I suppose only time will tell if things play out any differently in the future,” she wrote.

Given that the post has wracked up nearly 400K reactions and 300K shares since Crimbring shared it on February 18, plenty of other parents can relate to this "madness." Commenters joked that they're inspired to start following in her footsteps and start littering in their own homes to try the experiment on their families.

The now viral star mom joked in the comments, "And here we go.. inspiring folks everywhere to trash their house!"

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