Mom Has Genius Trick to Get Her Kid to Sleep And It's Worth Trying

One mom is kissing sleepless nights goodbye, and she shared her secret with Reddit.

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Parents often talk about the years of sleepless nights, which don't always end when a baby turns 1.

But does life have to be so tiring? Apparently not. One Reddit mom shared a genius trick that got her kid to fall asleep in five minutes flat, and it's worth a try if you've been burning the midnight oil trying to get your kiddo to call it a night.

The mom, who posts as u/Arilysal, recapped the whole exchange and results in the Parenting subreddit. Here's how it went down:

Daughter: Mummy, I can't sleep!

Mom: Hmm, that's tough. Why don't we play a game?

Daughter: Yeah! What game?

Mom: Now, listen to me carefully. [Are] you sure you can win this game?

Daughter: Yeah! I'm gonna beat you!

Mom: I sure hope so! Now, close your eyes. Lie completely still. I'll poke you every seven minutes to see if you can stay awake!

Daughter: Okay!

According to the mom, the child giggled to herself and closed her eyes. And then, magic happened.

"Five minutes in, and she's snoring away," the mom said. "I'm so darn proud of myself. I hope this game will help you tonight."

When it comes to sleep hacks for parents, sharing is caring. And other posters were not only quick to commend the mom but divulge tips and tricks of their own.

"This is genius. When my husband used to work late nights, my stepson would want to stay up until he got home. I always told him, 'Okay, sure you can stay up, but you have to be in bed with your eyes closed.' He was always very happy with that arrangement, and he never caught on," one Redditor said.

That's genius. Another person remembered her own mother turning sleep into a game, just like the original poster. "My mom got me for WAY too long with the, 'Okay, I'm going to race you to sleep!'" the person said.

And another person just wants to send the original poster a gift. "I'm on my way to put my 4-year-old to bed. She's overtired and cranky, and I have lost my patient pants. I'm trying this tonight. Edit: You're a freaking genius, and I owe you a bottle of wine," the commenter wrote.

Sleep troubles are stressful for parents. If your child is struggling, experts say there are a few things you can try.

  • Consistency. Have a set bedtime and routine to prepare your child to go to sleep.
  • Relax the child. Playing soothing lullabies or reading a book can help your child feel calm and keep them in bed.
  • Consider changing the nap schedule. If a child naps too late, they may not be tired come bedtime. Try having the last (or only) nap start around 1 p.m. or 1:30 p.m. and ensure the child is up after two hours.
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