Mom Got Berated in Park for Workout Outfit, Called 'Obscene'

In an eyebrow-raising TikTok, a mom berated a hula hoop champion for showing her stomach in a Las Vegas park.

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Just when you think you've seen the most bizarre Karen-esque behavior, along comes another strange, utterly uncalled for outburst. In a recent viral TikTok, an angry mom berated a woman for showing her stomach while hula hooping in a Las Vegas park.

Getti Kehayova is a 43-year-old mom and hula hooping champion who holds the Guinness World Record for largest hula hoop spun. She was shooting a clip of herself hanging upside from a set of monkey bars and hula hooping. In the midst of her athletic feat, her shirt slipped down, showing her stomach, although she was otherwise wearing a sports bra and shorts. And that's when she was approached by a stranger pushing a stroller who then railed into Kehayova about her "obscene" outfit ... aka the same clothes millions of Americans wear to work out, sunbathe, hang out at a park, etc.—especially in places with warmer climates like Las Vegas—every single day.

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"Everybody around here is seeing this! You're half naked right there," she screamed. "This is a place where kids play. This is a place for family. You can't be half naked up there."

The situation continued to escalate to the point where the stranger was oddly yelling at Kehayova for disturbing her baby. She then threw the athlete's hula hoop into a lamppost while screaming, "Let me show you what you can do for a TikTok."

Commenters on Kehayova's TikTok couldn't believe that this really happened. One wrote, "Has she never been to a public swimming pool?!" Another weighed in, "'I could never imagine thinking someone's stomach is more harmful to a child than her behavior and language." And a third asserted that this had to be "very much an acted out skit." But Kehayova chimed in that it was "no joke."

While the hula hooper concluded in her TikTok that this was a lesson on "keeping calm and minding your own business," she was admittedly shaken up by the out of the blue confrontation. It remains to be seen what triggered this stranger's utterly nonsensical, highly bizarre outburst, but here's hoping she finds her own sense of calm.

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