Mom Goes Viral for Her 'Big Babies' On TikTok—And Some Comments Are Brutal

Yes, her babies are growing fast. No, she doesn't need feeding advice from internet trolls.

As any parent will tell you, kids grow fast—too fast. One twin mama's babies are no exception, and she's been getting a ton of attention on TikTok for it. Not all of it feels great, though.

On September 27, Alex LaRue, 22, who posts under @themejiafamily_ on the platform, posted a video of herself holding her 7-month-old twin girls, Camila and Elena. It's unclear what she was trying to do before she got on camera. But she starts her video laughing and appearing out of breath.

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"I tried to copy that girl," she says. "Everyone knows her. It is not for the weak. I don't know if I'm just weak, or my babies are just chunky, but…"

That's the end of the video. After the mom posted it, it went viral, racking up millions of views in 24 hours.

"What the heck, you guys? I woke up today, and that video has almost 10 million views," Rue said in a video posted the following day.

It now has 50 million views. Rue had to disable comments on it, and scrolling through her other videos, it's easy to see why.

"Those aren't babies. Those are toddlers," one person said.

Rue posted another comment that apparently read, "Your babies are fat, and you need to stop feeding them. No offense, but they're cute."

Not feeding your child is actually neglect, and this comment is another reason to refrain from taking medical and nutrition advice from the internet.

And others apparently think she's editing the videos to make her kids look better. Rue, who is 5'3 and 115 lbs., wanted to clear that one up stat, so she posted another video. "These are my babies," she says. "They are each about 20 lbs. They are in the high percentiles for height. As you can see, this is us from far away. I don't know how I can edit this video. It would be very complicated."

Rue then walks toward the phone with her babies. "As we get closer, they do look a little bit bigger," Rue says. "Somebody, please tell me this is edited, and this is a filter. It is literally just the perspective. My babies are already pretty big. They are in the highest percentiles for height and weight."

The mom keeps moving around with her babies, showing all of their cuteness from multiple angles. "This would be very difficult to edit," Rue says. "If it was a filter, I definitely think you would be able to tell. If I knew how to edit my babies' size this good, I probably would have a career in film or editing. I would not be living in an apartment."

This time, one commenter nailed it, basically hinting everyone needs to take a big, deep breath and think before they post. "Just two healthy, happy babies that are growing a little faster than others. Perfectly normal," the person wrote.

It's really inappropriate to focus on a child's size, whether you think the child appears too big or small and can unnecessarily worry or hurt parents. A pediatrician has access to the World Health Organization growth chart and can provide caregivers with feedback on their child's progress.

Focus on something else. In this case, aren't Elena and Camila's onesies just adorable?

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