Mom Goes to Parent-Teacher Conference With Makeup Fail And Jokes About the Experience in Viral Video

One mom thinks she's lost her mind, but she actually won the internet.

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Back-to-school is coming, which means a return of PTA meetings and parent-teacher conferences. If you like wearing makeup, this is your friendly reminder to apply it to your entire face before heading out.

One TikTok mom forgot to put makeup on half of her face, and the video she posted is hilarious (and relatable for busy parents everywhere).

"I don't know if I'm laughing or not. I don't know if I'm crying," starts the mom of four, who posts as Meeshylynn on TikTok, as she keeps half of her face covered.

Mom just left her kid's parent-teacher conference, and she was pretty pumped about it.

"I get back in the car, and I'm like, 'Wow, that was great,'" she beams. The other parents were friendly toward her, and she was excited for her daughter to get to go to birthday parties and playdates with all her new friends. Then, her expression changed, and she frowned a little (while somehow still laughing).

"They were nice to me because they felt bad for me," she says, removing her hand from the other half of her face to reveal that she forgot to apply makeup fully.

"What is that?!" she says, raising her voice. "I look like an emoji. Why am I like this? Are moms just so put together that mom brain isn't a thing anymore, and I'm just rolling in here like a hot mess all the time?

Oh, mama, it happens to the best of us. Mom brain is a controversial term, as some say it leads to bias against pregnant people and new parents. But there's actually science to back up the claim that your mind changes during pregnancy and postpartum. A 2017 study published in Nature Neuroscience found that people lose "gray area" in their brain after giving birth, and that can affect a person's memory.

The good news: Mom got a whole lot of support in the comments section. Many said they'd love to be her friend.

"Girl, I used to work in a school office. The moms like you were the ones we loved most. The REAL ones," said a TikToker. "This would literally make me want to be friends [with you] more," said another "This is how you find true friends," another pointed out.

And one person spoke for moms everywhere when they said, "Tell you're a mom without telling me you're a mom."

Meeshylynn pretty much put together the picture-perfect response to that prompt. Rock your half-makeup look with pride, mama. You have four kids, a sense of humor, and had time to put on some makeup. You win.

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