Mom Explains the Smart Way She Uses Body Wash to Curb Her 6-Year-Old's Tantrums

After noticing the label on her Aldi mango hair and body wash, a mom came up with a parenting trick that's been called "genius."

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At every age and stage, kids are learning how to handle their big emotions, and parents are always looking for new, inventive ways to soothe their child's fears, anxiety, sadness, or anger. That's why a mom is being labeled a "genius" for her simple but effective parenting trick: using a "magical" body wash as a placebo for curbing her 6-year-old's "tears and tantrums."

Posting on the Facebook group The Motherload, a mom named Jacqueline Baker explained the trick makes her "feel evil but also like a genius at the same time," according to The Sun. She shared that she was using a mango hair and body wash on her son when she noticed that the label promises "no tears or tantrums." She recalled, "I told him this is magic, and it stops him from having tears and tantrums, and he believed me."

Baker continued, "This morning before school he said: 'Shall I wash my hands in that stuff to stop me having tears and tantrums today?'" So, she ran with it.

Baker elaborated, "I've figured even if it doesn't work, I can encourage him to go wash his hands in it. When I can see him getting wound up which then the distraction of going to use it will stop the tantrum, and he'll think it's because of the wash."

The Sun reported that Baker's post earned a lot of love from other members of the Facebook group. One wrote, "Going to the shops today and getting this. This will deffo work for my mini me!!" Another commenter noted, "That's very clever and if it works it's a massive bonus! Great little distraction, plus you know he WANTS to then wash his hands haha win-win I say."

A third parent offered another, similar tip: "Some of the best advice I’ve been given for dealing with tantrums is to ‘add water’—be that a drink, water play, or popping them in the bath. Seems to work most of the time! Know it’s my calm place too."

Finding the tactic that works best for your child is sure to be a perpetual work in progress. But Baker's experience goes to show you don't necessarily need to bust out a grand scheme to help your child feel more centered. Sometimes a simple body wash label—and their imagination—will do.

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