Mom Documents Her Kids Discovering Landline Phones for the First Time in Hilarious TikTok

For those of you who grew up with landlines, get ready to feel really old after watching this video.

Is it just me, or do these children have a way of reminding us that we're old just by being themselves? Whether they're dressing up for "Throwback 90s Day" at school or cracking jokes about how old TVs used to look, kids have an unintentionally cruel way of reminding us that we are living in very different times. And while most things from our childhood come full circle (hello early 2000s fashion) nothing makes a parent giggle quite like their child discovering something from "back in the day."

Red Rotary Phone

That's probably why mom Leah's video on TikTok went viral when she recorded her daughters using a landline phone for the first time. The two girls were completely shook by the very premise that you could call someone on the landline. The older girl picks up the phone and is immediately surprised, "It's actually working!"

"Yeah it's…it's a phone," mom replies behind the camera.

The older of the two excitedly dialed the adult's number while urging her to "answer answer!" The video then jumps to a new clip of the kids calling another phone and the younger of the two covering her mouth, surprised when the call again goes through. "I KNOW I'M NOT the only one watching this and realizing we old for real now," someone commented, summing up what we all indeed felt watching this video.

I'm not sure if they were more excited that the phone actually made calls and you could hear the person on the other end, or that you didn't have to push any additional buttons aside from the phone number to actually dial or hang up. Oh and hanging up! They were absolutely tickled that all you had to do to hang up was simply put the phone down. "They were so excited. She wants a phone just to be able to hang up lol," the creator replied to one of the comments.

The video is now sitting at over 2 million views and the comments are from many of us—old and washed up—and in awe that we've reached the point where children have no idea what a landline is or how to use it.

"They will never know the satisfaction of slamming a phone down to hang up on someone you don't like," one user commented.

"Their genuine excitement definitely reminds me of playing with my grandma's rotary phone as a kid. Now I know why my mom was over me," another person quipped.

Despite how old the video makes me feel (and I'm very early 30s), it was still cute to see the pure joy on the girls' faces. Some of the commenters were even surprised that the family was in someone's actual house and not a museum. I grew up with my great grandmother and my sons are probably two of the few children in their generation who know what a box TV looks like. That still doesn't stop them from referring to all of the 1900s as the old days.

If you want to spend a week sobbing, find the closest elementary school child and tell them you couldn't use the Internet and make house calls at the same time. I bet the response will blow both of your minds.

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