Facebook users can't get enough of this hilariously relatable viral post.

By Lauren Pardee
Courtesy of Walmart

January 2, 2019

We can all agree parenting isn’t easy, but it’s hard to comprehend just how difficult the job is until having kids yourself. One little girl by the name of Zailey Lyda can tell you first hand just how challenging the job can be. Three-year-old Lyda is going viral on Facebook after her mother shared a photo of her baby doll in the trash. Lyda decided she had enough of motherhood after discovering, “her baby don’t listen,” and took it upon herself to dispose of her new Doc Mc-Stuffins Christmas present, crib, and stroller altogether. 

Lyda’s mother JaVani Person told Dearly of the post, “It didn’t surprise me at all. She has a ton of personality and does stuff like that all the time, so I just laughed and told her we can’t throw kids in the trash when we are tired of them…”

The irony of this moment isn’t lost on us—nor is it lost on the Facebook community. Everyone is getting a good laugh from this post, it's too good. Just check out these comments:

"She threw the playpen and the stroller away too, she wasn’t playing 



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