Mom Criticized for Inappropriate Toddler T-Shirt Reading 'Hung Like a 5-Year-Old'

Parents are calling the custom onesie weird, gross, and cringeworthy.

Baby Sits in a Children's Chair Looking Stressed with Cring Emoji on Shirt Overlay
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Another day, another viral Reddit thread pondering, "What the heck are people thinking?"

This time around, a user shared a photo she spotted on Facebook of a toddler wearing a onesie with a questionable phrase—"Hung like a 5 year old"—printed on it. Along with the photo, the original poster wrote, "Wtf is wrong with people? She had this custom made? Yuck."

Before we dive in here, let me be the first to say that I am 100 percent against mom-shaming. We've got to end the hurtful, borderline-bullying critiques of other parents and, instead, support one another. But this custom onesie—and the message it's sending to others, including our future generation? We've got to discuss.

This isn't just an issue of disliking the clothing choices a parent makes for their child. Seriously, dress your kids however you want. But this onesie—and a reference to a toddler's penis size—is what's questionable. It's sexualizing a baby, and the only reason it's "funny" is because the toddler wearing the shirt is a boy, reinforcing the idea that penis size has anything to do with being more or less of a man—and, therefore, more or less worthy.

"Hate to be that person but if someone made this about a daughter, no one would find it funny," one user commented. "Anyone defending this is gross, it’s putting a weird sexual label on a baby, and saying that it’s okay because it’s a boy is also disgusting."

As the commenter says, imagine a female baby wearing a shirt referring to their sex organs or reproductive system. It just wouldn't happen, or it would be considered offensive or inappropriate without question. And don't even get me started on antiquated gender norms, sex versus gender, or putting babies into boxes. Can we all just stop already?

"I feel gross for reading that," another user posted. "This sh*t is disgusting and the amount of people fine with it because it’s a 'dude joke' is appalling," read another comment. It's clear that the general consensus is that this onesie's got to go. And while we're at it, let's say buh-bye to toxic masculinity, the idea that boys have to be "tough," and dangerous locker-room talk.

Some celebrities, like Kate Hudson, are even taking things to the next level, raising their children with a genderless approach. That is, allowing their kid to dictate their identity as they grow. It's not about completely ruling out pink or blue, dolls or trucks, but about allowing kids to decide what they like or dislike and avoiding labels solely based on gender norms.

But whether you decide to raise your baby to match the sex they were assigned at birth or not, the idea that we should teach our kids respect, to love and accept themselves, and not to sexualize them or put some weird weight on the importance of penis size—even with a "joke"—should be a no-brainer.

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