An Australian blogger named Krechelle took to Facebook after overhearing a mom shaming other parents for their child's tantrum. 

By Maressa Brown
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March 8, 2019

Whether you're on an airplane or in a grocery store, contending with your little one's public tantrums can feel like an absolute nightmare—in great part because the last thing any parent wants to do is make a scene. But as all moms and dads know, sometimes, it just cannot be helped, and that's when compassion, as opposed to judgement, from others is oh-so-appreciated. An Australian mom named Krechelle, who blogs on the site EightAtHome, recently took to Facebook to share that very message to other parents. 

She was at the supermarket recently when she heard a child "screaming so loud that naturally people were staring." Immediately, she felt for the parents contending with the meltdown. “His parents were sternly but quietly trying to contain his octopus limbs and put them into the pram without hurting him, without loosing their s*it," she wrote. "There was sweating and grunting and shaking of heads. They were doing well, they almost had it."

And it was then that she heard a fellow mom say "to her 8-year-old daughter quite loudly 'Well, clearly that child gets everything he wants and has never been taught a thing In his life.'"

Krechelle was angered by the other parent's take. "I stopped searching my bag, my mouth dropped open; I felt pure rage surging through my body," she wrote. "It was like every-time a Mum had judged me had just toppled on top of me like ice water. How f***ing dare she. We’re meant to be part of the club. The mums club. Solidarity sister. Ya ya!!!!"

The blogger elaborated that she felt the other mother "had betrayed that club, and not only had she shamed that mum, [but] she was teaching her daughter that judging people out loud, making people feel bad [for] a split second of there life was okay."

The moment inspired Krechelle to encourage moms to support one another. She explained that saying nothing is better than passing judgement and shaming parents who are just doing their best. "Don’t stare," she wrote. "Don’t roll your eyes. Don’t make comments to your impressionable kid. Move along."

Other moms responded to Krechelle's important message with their own stories of feeling shamed or judged in public. One wrote, "My oldest son had a massive tatrum [stet] when he was two and this lady was tutting rolling her eyes and saying for his sake can't you control that brat I was having a really stressful day and I let her have it big time."

A second commenter shared, "When my baby was smaller, I was trying to get the through the checkout at woolies with him crying. A customer at the next register kept glaring over her shoulder and giving me dirty looks so i said loud enough for her to hear while I was talking to my bub and said oh my goodness darling boy you’d think no one had ever heard a crying baby before, with a sweet but slightly sarcastic tone to my voice. I told her off through my baby."

One mom, who shared that her three kids are now 25, 23, and 19 years old, offered wise words of encouragement that hit the nail on the head: "Hang in there Mums. You’re all doing a fantastic job." 



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