The mom was mortified to discover the real purpose of the inflatable sheep she ordered off of Amazon and created a genius Elf on the Shelf scheme to get it back from her son. 

By Lauren Pardee
December 11, 2018
Inflatable Sheep Sex Toy
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

December 11, 2018

Sometimes, parents make mistakes. Like the kind of mistake where you send your kid to school with an inflatable sheep sex toy as a prop for the school’s nativity play. You know the kind! We aren’t making this stuff up, we couldn’t if we tried. One Scotland mother by the name of Helen Cox made this hilariously cringe-worthy mistake and her son was actually sent home from school because of it.

According to the Daily Mail, Cox purchased a shepherd’s costume off of amazon for her five-year-old son, Alfie, which happened to come with a blow-up sheep. Seems harmless, right? When Cox found out her son was being sent home from school that day, she was confused. It wasn’t until she blew the doll up that she realized it had big red lips, long eyelashes, and a huge hole at the end. Talk about an awkward moment.

“I have no idea if they've seen it was a sex toy and that's why they sent it home—I’m mortified,” Cox told the Daily Mail of her interaction with her son's school.

The sheep can be found on Amazon labeled as the “Inflatable Bonkin’ Sheep.” Before you go searching for proof yourself, make sure you don't share an Amazon Prime account with your boyfriend's family, as I do. Now I've got some awkward suggested products and search history explaining to do. (Ha!)   

As we’d imagine, Alfie was quite confused when he was told he couldn’t use the sheep, which Cox explained the toy didn’t look like a proper sheep with its’ red lipstick and bow. But according to the Daily Mail, she couldn’t come up with a reason on the spot that he couldn’t play with the sheep at home.  So, she is currently plotting to frame the disappearance of the sheep on “Elf on the Shelf.”

This story definitely tops the list of parents who’ve mistakenly embarrassed their children. The best part is that Alfie won't really understand this incident until years from now. What an epiphany that will be. One day he'll look back and thank Elf on the Shelf for this robbery.