Mila Kunis Says Ashton Kutcher Didn't Agree With the Way She Told Her Daughter to Handle a School Bully

Mila Kunis' advice to push a kid back didn't sit well with Ashton Kutcher. The celebrity mom confesses it was a "parenting fail."

Mila Kunis and Aston Kutcher
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Swing set squabbles and playground problems return now that children are back at school. However, what happens on the playground does not always stay at the playground. For celebrity couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, advice on how to handle such squabbles can vary.

In a recent segment of Ellen DeGeneres's series Mom Confessions, Kunis revealed that her daughter came home from school one day and recounted an interaction she had at recess, where a fellow child had pushed her.

Kunis reflected on her reaction and the advice she gave her daughter as a "parenting fail," especially after seeing how Kutcher reacted to her words.

"My daughter came back and she was like, 'Such and such little kiddo pushed me,'" Kunis said. "And I instinctually said, 'Did you push her back?' And my daughter's like, 'No!'"

This tip came as quite a shock to both Kunis' daughter and Kutcher, who overhead the interaction take place. In response, Kunis told her daughter, "You stand up for yourself, and you say, 'No, thank you,'" adding that on flat surfaces, it is OK to push back.

Kunis did say the story could get her in trouble. That could be because Kunis and Kutcher are no strangers to raising a couple of eyebrows when it comes to their parenting style. Over the summer, the pair said in a podcast that they don't bathe their children unless they can "see dirt on them." This sparked a national conversation on the appropriate amount of times to wash yourself, with fellow celebrity parents even weighing in.

Kunis and Kutcher are not ones to shy away from speaking on their parenting styles and the many ways they advocate for and give advice to their children—and we love that!

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