Miami Teacher and Dance Instructor Is Celebrated for Supporting Her Students' Love of Science and Dance

Science teacher Anna Oge was surprised with a generous gift to support her school's dance team.

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All it takes is one teacher to change the trajectory of a student's life forever. For Anna Oge, a science teacher and dance instructor at North Miami Senior High school, teaching is not just a profession. It's a calling. Inspired by the teachers of her own youth, Oge recently shared in a Good Morning America segment that she wants her students to have everything that she received from her teachers when she was growing up, and more. Oge who has taught at North Miami Senior High School since 2010, is a prime example of the powerful, positive impact that teachers can have on their students.

Oge understands the importance of keeping high schoolers motivated and inspired, and that's why she's adamant about continuing to coach the dance team at her school, in addition to teaching science, despite some of the challenges that the pandemic has brought. Working double duty as both a science teacher and the dance teacher is something that Oge takes great pride in. She understands that there are many positive benefits to students having extracurricular activities and access to the arts, and she definitely did not want her students to miss out as a result of the need to transition to remote learning for a while.

However, teaching during a pandemic has not been without its challenges. Having to cancel in-person practices at times and with fundraising efforts being thwarted as a result of COVID-19 safety restrictions, Oge and her students have felt the strain on the resources for the dance program. At times, they've even had to make their own costumes. Yet, her students are not faint-hearted and they are grateful for Oge's commitment and the encouragement she gives to keep their spirits up and to excel at their goals no matter what.

Elvira Ruiz-Carrillo, Vice Principal of the North Miami Senior High School shares in a video that Ms. Oge is an exemplary educator that always does more than enough for her students, and the school community. "She goes above and beyond with everything that she does". Yanna Joseph, a junior on Oge's dance team, also shares that the support that Oge constantly provides is what keeps her going during tough times. Of Oge's impact, Joseph offers up this: "Without her, I don't think that I would have made it this far."

Recently, Good Morning America's "Class Act", a series celebrating exceptional educators all around the country, surprised Oge and her students with money to help support their dance program. Custom Ink donated $3,000 to the school's dance team, and Donors Choose gave $10,000 to the dance squad as well. The donations will go towards better costumes, warm-up clothing and more. Oge is thankful, because as she puts it, "When you look good, you feel more confident." She shares, "I just wanted my students to feel more confident." Oge is committed to cultivating an academic environment of excellence for her students despite the current challenges happening in the world.

Also, In the spirit of resilience and academic excellence for Black History month, Oge is planning a "Black History Through Dance" show in partnership with her school's Dance and Fine Arts departments as well as the Career & Technical Education department. In celebration of Black History month, Oge will also teach her students and dancers about history, culture and soul food. Oge, like so many other committed educators around the country, is always thinking of fun and innovative ways to keep her students engaged, empowered, and informed. Oge is a teacher that is committed to nurturing and preparing the next generation to be great, and we can't thank her and teachers like her enough. Caring teachers are truly the real heroes.

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