Megan Thee Stallion Rapped Her Way Into History With A 'We Don't Talk About Bruno' Verse

Whether you loved or hated the first live performance from 'Encanto' at the Academy Awards, you can't deny Stallion's brilliance.

Megan Thee Stallion performing at Academy Awards
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Bruno was certainly the topic of many adult conversations last night as Hollywood's biggest evening came to a close. In the first live performance of "We Don't Talk About Bruno," Megan Thee Stallion joined the stage with the original cast to perform a new verse to Disney's hit song.

Not only did she kill it, but the "H-Town Hottie" made Oscars history by becoming the first ever female rap performance at the Academy Awards. "This was my first time performing at the Oscars ever, it's like the first rap performance at the Oscars I really had to kill it," Megan told press last night.

While Bruno's song wasn't up for any awards of its own, Disney's Encanto was nominated for Best Original Song and ​​Best Original Score, and went on to win the award for Best Animated Feature during Sunday's ceremony. "We Don't Talk About Bruno" hit Number One on the Billboard's Hot 100 in January where it stayed for weeks, and is spending its twelfth week on the Global 200 chart. Encanto features original songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda, while Germaine Franco composed the score.

Miranda was scheduled to be in attendance on the big night but backed out after learning his wife tested positive for COVID-19. "Made it to Hollywood," he tweeted. "She's doing fine. Kids and I have tested [negative], but out of caution, I won't be going to the Oscars tomorrow night. Cheering for my Tick, Tick… Boom! and Encanto families [with] my own family, alongside all of you, ALL of you."

While a live performance of the song was previously announced, I don't think anyone was predicting the "Hot Girl Summer" star to show up and absolutely serve the girls all while looking amazing in her sparkling gold dress. From the perspective of a self proclaimed Megan STAN she did exactly what needed to be done. She made history and gave everyone something to talk about.

She also took the opportunity to shout out the hosts of last nights show and sweetheart Zendaya! We simply cannot take away from the fact that Megan Thee Stallion is one of the hardest working female rappers in the industry right now.

Even the film's director Jared Bush was surprised to see Megan take the stage. "We knew there was going to be something unexpected, but I absolutely loved it," he told the press. "Different people have found themselves in this story. Seeing Megan Thee Stallion do it was mind-blowing."

However as a mom, a Disney mom at that and a community lead for almost 9,000 other Black Disney Moms, we have thoughts and opinions! I have put up with Encanto talk nonstop for months now from adults and children alike. My kids, 4 and 7, would have started an absolute riot had they stayed up to watch that performance. Even my 10 month old blinked at the screen in confusion.

And are we not going to talk about how the absolute best part of the song was left out? The general consensus in the community was…we would've preferred the performance to be a little more "Broadway" and heard more of the original song. For the first live performance of this song ever, after the song being on repeat in many of our homes for the last three months, I can definitely understand where some of the disappointment is coming from.

Nevertheless, loved it or not, we will definitely be talking about Bruno for weeks to come.

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