Meet the Kid Who Went Viral for His 'Terrible' Sandwich Review

Pennsylvania kindergartner Abe Ndege held nothing back when his mom picked him up from the school bus on the first day of school. The now fourth grader explains what happened.

A boy wears his backpack and waits on a sidewalk to go to his first day of kindergarten
Photo: Ricki Weisberg

Allow us to set the scene. You've provided breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for your children all summer. They finally head off to school and you do the mom thing. You celebrate internally while simultaneously missing the chaos that was your schedule-free summer. Then you pick your child up from the school bus, and they bluntly (yet hilariously) remind you of why you were excited to send them to school in the first place. I mean, my kids do anyway.

In a hilarious throwback video shared by mom Ricki Weisberg in honor of the first day of school, their son Abe reminds parents of the humility that needs to come with the job.

"Hey, you did it!" In the video, Weisberg excitedly greeted her son Abe Ndege as he got off the school bus after his first day of kindergarten.

"Mommy…terrible sandwich by the way," Abe immediately said.

"Thanks for letting me know," Weisberg laughed.

"Really terrible," he replied.

Weisberg, who shares the video every year on the first day of school, said they never expected the video to go viral with over 10 million views on TikTok. "I did not expect this at all," she tells Parents.

The video has been reposted by various outlets and celebrity mom Jennifer Garner shared it on Instagram. It also has over 8 million views currently on Twitter. And of course a common question throughout all of the comments…what kind of sandwich honestly could've been that terrible?

In an equally cute follow-up video, Abe, now in the fourth grade, shares what prompted his 'terrible' sandwich review. "It was a butter and jelly sandwich. She didn't know what happened. She was going to pack a snack. We can't bring peanut butter to school so she grabbed a stick of butter. A butter and jelly sandwich. The butter was rotten. She didn't know that butter rots."

So Abe (as he tells it) ate his entire rancid butter and jelly sandwich. And mom is now embracing her identity as the terrible sandwich lady. "I hope my new moniker will help let other moms off the hook to have to be perfect," says Weisberg. "There is so much pressure to make these perfect moments!"

One thing that's definitely a guarantee: these kids will still love you—and relentlessly tell you like it is. Terrible sandwich and all.

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