Underneath all the Christmas magic we all experience snarky in-laws, screaming children, and plenty of wine to ease the chaos.

By Lauren Pardee
December 17, 2018

December 17, 2018

No one parodies the life of a parent quite like our friends at "Saturday Night Live." We love tuning into the weekly, late-night comedy show (or DVR-ing it because we’re exhausted come midnight) because it provides us with much-needed comedic relief whether it’s making fun of our political climate, pop culture, or just life in general. The holidays are a particularly perfect opportunity to follow "SNL" because it’s the most wonderful—and often ridiculous—time of the year. Which bring us to actor Matt Damon and "SNL" cast member Cecily Strong’s rendition of what Christmas truly looks like for parents everywhere. It’s a quick reminder that even when the holidays are the worst, they’re the best.

The bit titled “Best Christmas Ever” features the show’s December 15th co-host Matt Damon and his on-screen wife sitting in front of the fireplace on Christmas night. The two are enjoying a glass of wine and reliving the day together. The charming scene is set straight out of a corny Hallmark movie, but as the two recall all the excitement throughout the day, their flashbacks show a not-so-perfect array of stressful holiday road bumps.

You know the kind: early morning wakeup call from screaming kids, dealing with snarky comments from horrible in-laws, and heated political conversations at the dinner table. But of course, the magic of Christmas trumps all else. You must check it out for yourself:

Feeling a little better about what your holidays really look like? We are too. We’ll just have to remember to hide a few extra bottles of emergency wine.


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