Little Girl's Soulful, Made-Up Song 'Leave Me Alone' Is All Too Relatable

Quarantine has been rough for people who wish their family members would give them a little more space. Philadelphia 4-year-old's soulful, viral tune hits the nail on the head.

Milan Marie
Photo: Jovan Phillips-Lloyd

For some, social distancing has us missing our loved ones. Others can't help but feel that their family members are more on top of them than ever before. For the latter group, the little girl's made-up, viral tune "Leave Me Alone" hits the nail on the head.

Jovan Phillips-Lloyd, posted a video of her daughter, Milan Marie, 4, singing the song last month. In the clip, she soulfully delivers hilarious, original lyrics: "I want you to leave me alone. Leave me alone. Leave me alone."

Instagram found it so relatable, it's no wonder the video has nearly 300K views on Milan's account, and after Taraji P. Henson reposted it on her account, the clip earned over a million more. "It's the vibrato for me!!! SHE IS A BIG MOOD!!" wrote the Hidden Figures star.

Phillips-Lloyd tells that Milan loves to make up songs during their car rides. "This day in particular, we were in the drive-through at Chick-Fil-A," says the Philadelphia mom. "She started singing, and I started recording. She normally doesn't have a storyline behind her songs, she'll randomly make them up, or she might hear a word and piggy bank off the word she just heard and sings whatever comes to mind."

And while Milan has always loved to sing, she "turned into a whole different person during quarantine," Phillips-Lloyd told TODAY Parents.

"Before, Milan was very shy," she elaborated. "She wouldn't speak to people, but I promise when quarantine started, she started saying hello to the neighbors and knows all their name. Everything you see on Instagram has always been her, but in public she was more reserved. Now she speaks to people and gives them a little too much information!"

Although "people are saying she's a prodigy or going to be a singer," the outgoing 4-year-old currently aspires to be "a mom" when she grows up, according to Phillips-Lloyd. "I want people to be mindful she is still 4," Phillips-Lloyd told TODAY. "I want her to enjoy who she is. I don't want the world to expect her to do things. We are just going to enjoy it and take it day by day."

In the meantime, her talented little girl is making her viewers' days during this pandemic a bit brighter.

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