caught up with the entrepreneur and The Hills alum, who has partnered with Amazon Treasure Truck—which brings favorite, trending items to different cities throughout the U.S.—and she got real about prepping for a family of four.

By Maressa Brown
Lauren Conrad visits Amazon’s Treasure Truck & Baby Registry "First Steps" pop-up retail event in Seattle, Washington on May 31, 2019.
Michael Simon

May 30, 2019

Last month, Lauren Conrad took to Instagram to share seriously celebratory news: She's expecting her second child with husband William Tell. Conrad, who welcomed her firstborn Liam on the Fourth of July 2017, couldn't be more over-the-moon about expanding her family, but acknowledges that welcoming her second will present its own unique challenges and joys. caught up with the soon-to-be mom of two, who has partnered with Amazon Treasure Truck and Amazon Baby Registry, and she shared the learnings she acquired with Liam that she'll be able to put to work with her second L.O.

What she's learned about baby toys and food

While she loves that baby #2 will be able to use hand-me-downs from Liam (specifically, her mamaRoo swingBaby K'tan carrier, Burt's Bees crib sheets), Conrad's hoping her second child takes to items that her eldest wasn't really a fan of.

"I definitely tried to get more aesthetically-pleasing toys, so a lot of wooden toys and a lot of very neutral-colored toys, and I tried to stay away from the loud toys—musical, flashing lights, really bright primary colors," she explains. "He wasn’t a huge fan of that. He wanted all the crazy stuff, and when we would do play dates, he would be like their toys are so much better than my toys. So, I eventually had to give in a little bit. Maybe this round, we will have a little more luck. The toys kind of take over your home, so if I could have ones that are a little prettier to look at, that would be great, but Liam was not on board with that plan!"

One thing Liam loved that she hopes baby #2 takes to, as well: homemade baby food. "Obviously, you can’t do it till month 6, but I had so much fun going through baby food cookbooks and flagging pages, and I like really enjoyed making all of Liam’s food," she shares. "I like cooking anyways, but it was really nice to be the one to introduce new flavors to him, and it was just something that I really enjoyed doing with him, and I had a handful of cookbooks, but I’m going to get some more this round!"

How she's preparing Liam for big brotherhood

Beyond pulling together a variety of items she wants to have on-hand for her second, Conrad has been focused on setting the stage for Liam to have a younger sibling.

"I’m really excited for Liam to have a sibling," Conrad shares. "I think that family is so important. I think siblings are great. Not only is that kind of an amazing relationship that you have throughout your life, but I think having a sibling teaches you so much, and I’m excited for Liam to have that. We also want to make sure that it is as seamless and positive a transition as possible. So, we’re just doing a lot of research. He’s not yet 2, so we’re just trying to talk to him a lot about what’s happening and just get really excited about it, so it’s a really positive thing."

The fashion designer has also turned to her friends for tips on making the transition to two as smooth as possible for her L.O. "I think every child’s different, and you just have to take an open mind and go with the flow, but I think the best advice that I’ve gotten is just to make sure that after your second child arrives that you’re still setting aside time each day to have some one-on-one time with your first, just so it’s not so sudden," Conrad says. "As of right now, our son only knows himself as an only child. He has us to himself all the time and for that to completely go away is a little startling."

It's for that reason that she's committed to making "an effort to still have that special time" once baby #2 arrives.

What she's learned about work-life balance

As a busy mom with a thriving career, ensuring that she's able to build in time for her son and herself can be tough, but Conrad has found several practices helpful in striking that elusive work-life balance: delegating, saying "no," and forgiving herself.

"I’ve learned to delegate when it comes to work and prioritize," she shares. "Becoming a mother made it much easier for me to say 'no' to things, which I think it actually really important when you’re building a career. I think you just have to be selective with where you’re spending your time, where you’re allotting your time, because it is very valuable when you have a family. And also just do whatever works for you. You know, my husband and I work right across the street from our house. I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with my son every day. I spend as much time as possible with him while being a working mother, and I had to make a lot of adjustments to do that, but especially right now, we live in a time where careers tend to be a bit more flexible, so I would say you don’t have to take a traditional route. [And] be a little forgiving to yourself. It’s OK to want to take a little time to yourself or even time to spend with your friends, because that’s important too."

As she embarks on this next chapter of mom life, Conrad encourages women to do what they can to be there for one another. "I just think that there’s a lot of pressure on women, especially if they’re both mothers and have a career," she says. "I think the more we can kind of support each other, the better."



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