Kourtney Kardashian Is Being Criticized for Her Daughter's Fake Nails and People Really Should Worry About Bigger Issues

In a recent TikTok, users in the comment section debate the age that false nails are appropriate.

At what age should your child begin to wear fake nails? This is the most recent debate on TikTok, with 9-year-old Penelope Disick at the center.

Penelope and Kourtney Kardashian, who shares Penelope with ex Scott Disick, have a shared TikTok account, @pandkourt, and have recently earned the rights to a blue checkmark, marking their verified status.

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TikTok videos on their account range from dance videos of Penelope and cousin North, compilations of a night in, and videos of her siblings, Mason, 11 and Reign, 6.

In a recent clip posted on Wednesday, Kourtney and Penelope are seen sipping from an organic beverage.

Penelope is seen with false, brown nails, pinning users against each other in the comment section on the appropriate age for such add-ons.

"At that age I was lucky enough to wear eye-shadow," one user commented. Another, asking "how do you have extensions, you're literally 9."

Others were quick to come to Penelope's defense, commenting "not me in the comments making sure she gets no hate."

Several were complimenting the nails, pointing out how cute they looked.

This then sparks the debate. How young is too young? Self-expression through accessories such as makeup, false nails and experimenting with hairstyles boosts self-esteem and enhances creativity.

How you speak to your child regarding self-expression and their looks plays a large role in how they develop as well.

"When my daughter's digging into nail polish or eye shadow, I'm cautious with my word choice. I'd never say, "Look how gorgeous you are!" But I will say, for example, "I love how the eye shadow is the same color as the blue jays we feed in Maine. Do you remember the blue jays?" And then we talk about birds," writer Alyssa Shelasky said.

Overall, the false nail additions are a harmless form of self-expression for Penelope, and TikTok trolls will be just that—trolls.

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