A mom named Karen is making headlines and inspiring memes after raving out at a rideshare driver who cut her off, as well as his passenger.

By Maressa Brown
November 05, 2019
Illustration by Parents Staff; Getty Images (2)

Navigating stressful, bumper-to-bumper traffic is one thing. Having to drive extra-defensively as a parent with little ones in the backseat is quite another. Enraged by a rideshare driver who cut her off in New York City traffic, a mom named Karen dragged the man behind the wheel and his passenger who has been identified as Chelsea Klein. Klein captured the incident in a video that has gone mega-viral.

Here's everything the internet wants to know about the angry sensation.

Who is Kidz Bop Karen?

The viral star's real name hasn't been identified (and there's no need to out her by name), but the mom in the trending clip is being referred to as Kidz Bop Karen. That's because she referenced the popular pop music brand in her exchange with Klein, and her behavior epitomizes the internet archetype "Karen," described as an "irritating, entitled woman" on a mission to "speak to the manager."

However, this Karen was more interested in unloading on a rideshare driver and Klein. “It is your fault,” Karen told the driver. “And you know what, that didn’t upset me." She then turned on Klein, noting, "But the bitch ass hoe that told me to calm down. What I’d like you to do is apologize instead of being a bitch.”

Klein responded, “Sorry but you’re calling me a bitch, let’s set an example." Karen countered, “Oh sorry, I’m sorry. My kids can't hear me calling you a bitch.” Klein pointed out that Karen's car window was open, to which Karen quipped, "They can’t hear me because they’re listening to Kidz Bop.

You can see the whole, original clip—shot and posted to YouTube by Klein—here.

TMZ learned that the Kidz Bop song the angry mom's kids were listening to was ... drum roll ... "Old Town Road."

What memes has Kidz Bop Karen inspired?

Kidz Bop Karen, also referred to as "Angry Karen," has been popping up all over Twitter and other social networks in a wide array of memes. Just a few examples:

Some memes focus more on Karen's kids who are blissfully unaware that their mom is lashing out and about to blow up the internet.

What's next for Kidz Bop Karen?

Kidz Bop probably doesn't need the social media buzz, being that their young followers will enjoy the tracks no matter what, but the timing of this trending sensation is fitting: Heavy.com reports Kidz Bop 40 drops November 15.

In the meantime, TMZ says "KBK" has taken her own advice and "calmed down," noting that she wants to apologize to the driver, and she has no hard feelings against Klein.


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