Kidz Bop Is Ready To Keep the Party Howling This Halloween

Kidz Bop has a new album ready to shake and rattle the bones of your little skeletons this Halloween.

Kidz Bop Halloween Cover
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The folks at Kidz Bop are giving us the soundtrack our sugar-infused kids need to dance off some of that haunting energy this Halloween.

The top music brand for kids has tons of tricks and treats to help caregivers, kids, and teachers celebrate Halloween. Of course, there's a new album involved: Kidz Bop Halloween. Each track features young voices singing classic monster hits that scream "Halloween party soundtrack." Think "Thriller," "Ghostbusters," "Monster Mash," and "Spooky Scary Skeletons" that will put kiddos and adults alike in the ghostly spirit. And since it's the digital age, there are videos to accompany the tracks so kids can dance along too. It's available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube, and more.

Not every neighborhood hosts parades, and some areas do better jobs than others with trick-or-treating. Fear not if your kids want to get all dressed up but have nowhere to go (or are looking for other ways to have fun this Halloween). The Kidz Bop Kids cordially invite you and your family to a pair of eight-hour live streams on Friday, October 28 and Monday, October 31. The Halloween kick-off will feature music, dancing, and more fun activities sure to keep everyone entertained.

Finally, this Halloween will likely be more typical than the last two combined, and you may need help getting back into the swing of things. Kidz Bop has created a Pinterest board with fun, safe ideas for activities, including pumpkin carvings, mazes, and creepy sounds.

Halloween can be a fun and favorite holiday for kids and adults, though it doesn't have the same traditions and nostalgia we associate with the winter holidays. And there are many ways to celebrate. In addition to Kidz Bop's ideas, you can:

Though it's scary season, keep everyone safe with flame-resistant décor, safe face paint, and age-appropriate supervision during festivities.

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