6-year-old Davi went into the couch in search of some loose change and only made it out a floating head until backup arrived. 

By Lauren Pardee

October 17, 2018

On today’s edition of what in the world is going viral on Facebook, we have 6-year-old Davi who got himself neck-deep stuck in a couch. Why does Davi win? Because kids busted for doing dumb things is almost always comedic.

In a series of hilarious photos posted by Davi’s aunt, Giulia Ramalho, we witness the process extracting Davi from a small tear in the couch. The post has already received a well-deserved 11K likes, 2.2K comments, and 53,000 shares—we can’t keep our composure over this one.

Accoring to Buzzfeed, Davi was in search of a lost coin when his mother, Caroline, and aunt, Guilia discovered his head sticking out from a hole in the couch. Check out the guilty smile on that floating head—it’s priceless.

"I was in the bathroom and I heard some really loud screaming, and my mom called for me, laughing her ass off. When I came into the room, you could just see his head poking out," Giulia told Buzzfeed.

Luckily Davi was rescued by his family—and in fact, he couldn’t be more thrilled to be the focal point of a viral post. Buzzfeed noted that Davi had always dreamed of becoming a successful YouTuber, and a stunt like this is great publicity for the channel he shares with his sister.

Sounds like an entrepreneurial kid if you ask us—he went into the couch in search of money and came out plugging his YouTube channel, using his five minutes of fame as a platform. If his content is anywhere as fun as these photos, we may just consider tuning in.



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