The Queer Eye star and grooming expert shared tips on post-partum hair loss, sleep deprivation and making time for self-care.

By Libby Ryan
June 05, 2019
Credit: Getty Images

Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness has transformed long-time parents and parents-to-be into their most fabulous selves right before our eyes on the Netflix show that never fails to tug your heartstrings. He has so much love and light to share on the show, we figured he could offer some advice to help new moms love their new selves, too. We chatted with Van Ness during his partnership with Charmin—they’re giving away a year’s worth of toilet paper to a sweepstakes winner named John, Jon or Jonathon (or anyone who knows someone who’s got a John name) on June 5.

Van Ness himself rocks super luscious locks, and he had ideas for any moms feeling the blues over their postpartum hair. He shares parental self-care after baby that any new mom can follow. 

Losing hair post-baby? Help your head out.

“After you've had the baby, stay away from anything that could cause additional hair loss, such as really, really tight ponytails or wearing a tight-fitting hat day after day after day or wearing tons of wigs or tons of extensions,” Van Ness explained. “Anything that's going to kind of suffocate your scalp and make it more difficult for your hormones to relax.”

Have some tools on hand.

There are products that can “help camouflage” hair loss, he said. “There are so many different companies that make those little sprinkly hair fibers that you can just sprinkle into hairlines to thicken it up.”

Even the basics, like volumizing shampoo and conditioner, can be a “gentle helper,” Van Ness shared. “Shampoo and conditioner and thickener, it's not going to give you like wig-density hair, but it will thicken up what you have.”

It’s all temporary.

If you got used to that amazing pregnancy hair and are mourning that amazing flow, that’s okay. “But also just remember, it's going to come back. It totally comes back when your body gets it together. You totes just had a baby,” Van Ness said. “I've seen so many clients have their hair a little bit thinner after the baby and then it totally comes back in not so long.”

Keep taking care of you—even if the new baby keeps you up all night.

“When we do lose sleep it causes inflammation. Skin can look a bit puffy,” he said. “So having a jade roller or an ice mask or those under eye patches that you put in the fridge—anything like that is going to help reduce inflammation and will help give you a more refreshed look.” And P.S., Van Ness advised, “Water is so important, staying really, really, really hydrated.”

A little time goes a long way.

You don’t have to spend a massive amount of time on pampering. “Really this is about mom or dad taking five to ten minutes to quiet down,” Van Ness said. “It's good to take time out of the day to invest in yourself so that you can feel better about the way that you're presenting to the world.”

Forget the haters.

Van Ness says the secret to feeling great is being exactly yourself. “It's not about doing things to fit in or someone else's expectations of the way that mommy should look or the way daddy should look,” he said. “You're not doing it to conform to someone else's idea, it's always for you.”

Bottom line? Be confident. AKA, Van Ness’ Queer Eye mantra. “It all comes back to confidence,” he said. “Really what confidence is is feeling good in your skin.”

Just do you.

“Also, you can tell people who are looking at you judgmentally to take a hike because you are totally raising a baby,” Van Ness added. “So, take it easy. You're raising a kid over here.”


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