Joke's on Grandma Upset About Not Knowing the Sex of Unborn Grandchild

One grandma-to-be staged the world's cutest protest, and her new grandchild now has a stylish head start to their baby wardrobe. Hundreds of Redditors agree.

Gender stereotypes are (thankfully) slowly fading away. Still, gender reveals are a thing (for better, but mostly for worse). One couple decided to skip the party and will have their "big reveal" in the delivery room when the child is born.

It's important to remember that the gender listed on a child's birth certificate isn't necessarily their future gender identity. While skipping gender reveals is now old school parents can't help themselves. Some get wrapped up in what they consider to be a fun surprise to celebrate with friends and family while others don't understand the difference between sex and gender.

When one couple decided to not share the sex of their baby, an eager grandma-to-be wasn't all that happy about it. She decided to "troll" the mom-to-be (her daughter). But thanks to her little protest, this new baby is going to be the most stylish kid on the block. The mom-to-be took to Reddit to laugh about the whole ordeal.

"My mom is so upset we're choosing to wait to find out [the] sex of baby, she bought all baby gifts in gray in protest," wrote u/4Inis in the r/BabyBumps subreddit.

An image of grey baby items.
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Then she posted a picture of the gifts, and it's basically, intentionally or not, the most adorable protest ever. There's a onesie with the definition of grandma on it, a whole lot of burp cloths to ensure Mom isn't doing laundry every day, booties, a knit hat, and more.

Nearly 400 Redditors laughed, swooned, and admitted they were a tad green with envy over all of the cute gray gear.

"Well, joke's on her because this is stuff is all super cute!" wrote one top commenter.

"[It] could be an unpopular opinion, but I love gray on babies. Both my girl and boy wore a lot of gray," said another.

"Is it bad that I'm laughing? This is ridiculously petty, but also babies look hella cute in gray," wrote another person.

"As someone who shared the baby's gender at 12 weeks and has received nothing but pink clothing since I would have much preferred gray. But this is hilarious," one Redditor said.

And another added that she was over the gender stereotype that pink is for girls and blue is for boys.

"This is exactly why I refused to reveal the sex. I don't mind the odd pink thing, but I don't want my daughter dressed exclusively in pink. Adult women don't dress exclusively in pink, so why should a little girl?" the person said.

It's a good point. Not all adult women even like pink, whereas some guys love rocking a carnation-colored tie. Clothes, like sippy cups and nursery decor, aren't gendered. Whether you dress your baby in pink, blue, or gray, all that matters, in the end, is that they're clothed, comfortable, and loved.

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