John Legend, the multi-talented artist and dad, joined forces with Adam Levine and Chrissy Teigen as part of the launch of the new Pampers "Love The Change" campaign.

John Legend Miles
Credit: Pampers

February 3, 2019

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen perpetually inspire dads and moms with their parenting #realtalk. The parents of 2-year-old Luna and 8-month-old Miles happily document the highs and lows of raising two little ones on social media. Legend has also appeared in Pampers commercials, showing the world how he incorporates song into everyday life—and yep, diaper changes!—with Luna. Now, the EGOT winner and bestselling cookbook author have joined forces with fellow celeb parent Adam Levine, dad to Dusty Rose, 2, and Gio Grace, 11 months, for Pampers' entertaining new Super Bowl spot. The commercial is part of the diaper brand's launch of the new Pampers "Love The Change" campaign, which aims to celebrate dads and the special bond they have with their babies. 

Legend recently chatted with about how his parenting style helped inspire the campaign, what it's like to work with his old buddy and The Voice co-star Adam Levine, and what he, Chrissy, and the kids are doing this Super Bowl Sunday. What inspired the latest Pampers spot?

John Legend: It's really just a reflection of what we really do at home, which is sing to Luna and Miles all the time. I've been singing that "Stinky Booty" song to Luna since she was born, basically, and it really carries on a tradition from my family, because my dad used to sing to me, my mom used to sing to me all the time. They would make up little random jingles about going to bed or whatever, and I do the same thing with Luna, and Chrissy does the same thing with Luna. It's just a celebration of the fun we can have as parents with our kids. Particularly with this campaign, it's about celebrating dads who get in on the action with diaper duty and anything else we can contribute to the family as we help raise our kids. What's the best feedback you've received on the campaign so far?

John Legend: I've had so many people say they couldn't get ["Stinky Booty"] out of their heads, and they were singing it to their kids. So many people just really grabbed onto it—moms and dads. I think it's really cool that we're celebrating dads in this. I think it's an important thing to say socially that we should be as involved as we can be in our kids' lives. And we should make it fun. What did you enjoy the most about collaborating with Adam?

John Legend: Well, we see each other every day at work [on The Voice] now. We've been friends for a long time, and it's funny, because we were both like young bachelors dating swimsuit models when we first met each other many years ago. Now, we're still dating swimsuit models, but it's not dating anymore. We're both married and dads of two kids, and it's been cool to grow up together. Now we're singing diaper change songs to our kids, so, you know, it's the circle of life. How do you feel like your fathering styles compare?

John Legend: We've talked about each other's personalities, and I tend to be a little more even-keeled and laid-back than he is. He's a little bit more dynamic personality-wise and has a little bit more emotion. I don't know how that carries over to his parenting style, but in general, I'm like the most Zen person you know. I'm always calm. I don't raise my voice very often, so I'm that way as a parent too.

Adam Smiling Holding Gio.jpg Chrissy's appearance in the spot feels very realistic, in that she's teasingly rolling her eyes at you and Adam. Has she made fun of you for anything like that lately?

John Legend: It's hard to keep track! She gave me the best birthday party ever, by the way, so she's good for a long time after that. She can make fun of me all she wants. What advice would you give new dads who might be feeling overwhelmed or nervous?

John Legend: I think the thing is that pretty soon you learn even though you're nervous, there's not a lot of absolutely horrible things you can do. You can't tiptoe around everything. I think people get so hung up worrying about whether they'll break something, that they're afraid of doing anything. And you gotta get in there, be as helpful as you can be, and ask questions, and learn, and you're learning together really. Obviously, there are things moms do anatomically that men can't do, but as much as we can get involved, I think we should. Moms need the help, first of all, and it's a lot of physical strain giving birth, breastfeeding. It takes a lot out of a woman to do those things, so to any extent you can help, it's good to do so. How do you plan to spend Super Bowl Sunday? 

John Legend: We're just gonna watch the game! We usually throw a little party, always put it together at the last minute, but make some food, have some friends over, watch the game. It'll be fun. Maybe a little music and a lot of good food. It's nice when it's in L.A. because it's still early too. It's still afternoon, and the kids are still awake, so everyone has fun.

If you didn't catch it during the game, you can see John, Adam, and Chrissy in the new "Love The Change" campaign below. Follow @PampersUS on Instagram during the game to see all of the #StinkyBootyDuty excitement unfold live!