For Father's Day, Jimmy Kimmel asked dads to deliver simple facts about their kids, and the internet is appalled.

By Maressa Brown

June 17, 2019

As a dad of four, Jimmy Kimmel definitely knows how to illuminate the many highs and lows of parenting. For Father's Day this year, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host managed to do the latter in a fairly jaw-dropping way. For a #PopQuiz segment, Kimmel interviewed dads on the street in Hollywood and asked them basic questions about their kids and the results were alarming, to say the least.

Not only did dads fail to answer questions as straightforward as "What's the name of your child's school?" and "When is your daughter's birthday?" but then, moms came in and swept the floor with the fathers by answering questions with stunning accuracy.

Although this clip—which has already wracked up over 2 million views on YouTube since it was posted on June 14—had audiences cracking up, it also raised plenty of eyebrows and fueled chatter about the unquestionable mental load moms are carrying.

One Twitter user named StaceTam92 wrote, "Great another generation with daddy issues.  Not knowing names of teachers, OK, fine but not their birthdays or even the color of their eyes? This was sad to watch..." Another named MeldronMonroe wrote, "Moms remain single parents despite the dad being physically in the picture." Jalison100 noted, "The bar for parenting for men is on the floor. How embarrassing." 

While the segment was obviously all in good fun, and sure, some of the dads probably forgot these facts for semi-valid reasons (like they have multiple kids, so it's not super-easy to remember every one's teacher's name), it was definitely cringe-worthy. Here's hoping Kimmel's prank served to inspire these dads—and others tuning in—to be more involved and observant of the big and little details of their kids' lives.



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