'Jersey Shore' Star Deena Cortese is Mom-Shamed For Baby's Car Seat Outfit

The new mom reassured fans that son CJ's onesie was hospital approved and perfectly safe to wear on his first ride home.
Suti Stock Photo/Shutterstock

January 9, 2019 

Deena Cortese hadn't even made it home from the hospital with her newborn son when the mom shaming began. On Tuesday, Jan. 8, the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Instagrammed a photo of her and husband Chris Buckner's three-day-old son Christopher John "CJ" Buckner, buckled up in his car seat. Within moments of Cortese posting the photo, moms in the comments section began to sound off on whether little CJ's outfit was too bulky to be worn safely beneath the car seat harness.

"Coats in car seats are NEVER safe," commented an Instagram user by the name of bladablah54. "If you look close at his legs you can see it there especially. Those straps aren't tight on his legs."

Another user by the name of @dundunduntonnn commented Cortese's son "doesn't fit in his car seat with that fleece snowsuit and the harness is waaaaay to loose lol. Sorry I don't want people's babies to die."

What a welcome to motherhood, huh? The American Academy of Pediatrics does recommend against bundling children in bulky clothing because it can make it hard to keep the car seat harness tight. CJ's outfit, however, was A-OK, according to Cortese.

"It's not a jacket...it's a onesie and [the] hospital approved it," wrote the 31-year-old MTV star. "We're not perfect but we got this 👌🏼 thank you for the concerns 😘"

Cortese, clearly, took the unsolicited parenting criticism in stride. And she's definitely not the first mom whose child's car seat couture has come under fire. Just last month, a Reddit mom by the username of u/MindyS1719 posted a "Winter PSA" about why her kids weren't wearing winter jackets.

Moral of the story? We're all doing our best here, and even the experts change up the guidelines as we learn more about what's really best for our little ones. Besides, as an Instagram user named natnlouis commented in response to Cortese's photo, "There is no such thing a perfect parent. We all learn and grow as we go. Best of luck and congratulations on your perfect bundle of joy 😉"

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