Can these outfits and deals come in adult sizes, too?

By Melissa Bykofsky
January 16, 2018
Jcrew feature
Credit: Image provided by J.Crew

If you've ever gone shopping for your kid and wished those bright tees and patterned leggings came in your size, too, prepare to feel major style-envy from J.Crew's new Crewcuts Everyday collection. If the ruffle-trimmed striped dress doesn't catch your eye, the bundle deals sure will.

Starting January 18, when you buy three or more Crewcuts Everyday items in store or online, you'll receive a 20% off discount on the entire purchase. This means helping your little one pair a comfy shirt with matching jeans or sweats just got a lot less pricey. You can mix-and-match complete outfits, or build a bundle of just long-sleeved shirts to get your son through the rest of winter.

Ruffles, stripes, emojis, and hearts are making a trend in the girl's collection while bright colors and fun phrases are key in the boy's collection.

J.Crew created some sample bundles on their Crewcuts Everyday launch page, which inspired us to come up with our own wish-list for when these items are available in adult sizes (please, J.Crew!). Until then, we'll support you if you use this styling guide for your kids instead.

Jcrew girls 1
Credit: Images provided by J.Crew

The "Written in the stars" long-sleeve shirt is the perfect match for a pair of gold metallic leggings. If that's not your (err, your child's) style, try it tucked into this grey ruffle skirt.

Jcrew Girls 2
Credit: Images provided by J.Crew

This ruffle-trimmed long-sleeve dress stands out on its own, but if the weather's still a bit cold for a dress, layer it over these silver metallic or leopard leggings.

Jcrew Girls 3
Credit: Images provided by J.Crew

There's nothing like a shirt that just makes you smile. Here are three of them—two with actual smile emojis on them, and the third featuring a sequined pretzel. Pretzels, sequins, and smiles are the best addition to any wardrobe.

jcrew girls 4
Credit: Images provided by J.Crew

If loungewear is a preferred style in your home, these sweatpants with hearts on the knees and camo or emoji pull-on shorts are the perfect match for any casual t-shirt.

Now excuse us while we try to squeeze our way into a size 16-girls!