Move over, 'Baby Shark." It's time for "Let's Give Mommy a Time-Out."

By Libby Ryan

June 12, 2019

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde created the perfect anthem for parents who just need a momentary break away from their kids. It's called "Let's Give Mommy a Timeout" and it's a bop. Or you know, a release of all the sleep deprivation frustration in musical form. Wilde sips wine. Sudeikis rides a tractor. It's the lullaby you never knew you needed.

Sudeikis debuted the song while guest hosting 'The Ellen Show' and it's one of our favorite guest host stunts. The cheerful cartoon background for the music video is the perfect mood for a musical plea to a child just to please fall asleep easily for just one nap or bedtime.

Before stumbling out of what looks like an 'Ellen' greenroom, Sudeikis sings, "Your mom and I need time alone" and Wilde adds, "It won't take long, believe me, I know."

We're cackling over this couple's realness. And also, we didn't know about their vocal chops! Way to go, mom and dad.

"Please give us both a time out. Enough questions, we don't care what it's about," they sing for the big finish. "Don't make a sound, don't make a peep. It's time to go the f*** to sleep. Just give us both a time out!"

And as Sudeikis says in the video, "Good luck getting that out of your head." It's going to play in there every time you need a little break.



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