Jamie Lee Curtis Is Parenting Goals as She Gets Ready To Officiate Daughter Ruby's 'Cosplay Wedding'

Jamie Lee Curtis will officiate her daughter's wedding while dressed as Jaina Proudmoore from 'World of Warcraft.'

Jamie Lee Curtis
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Jamie Lee Curtis levels up with new parenting goals for the rest of us as she prepares to officiate her daughter Ruby Mae's cosplay wedding this May. This will be her second (and last) daughter to wed at home; Curtis married her daughter Annie in their home backyard three years ago. Curtis and husband Christopher Guest have planned a beautiful picnic to set off the intimate festivities celebrating Ruby Mae and partner Cynthia. One could only dream of an invite.

Unlike the last wedding at her home, and probably all of the weddings the rest of us have ever attended, this is a cosplay wedding and all guests will be decked out in various character costumes. Curtis's outfit is a World of Warcraft number, picked by the soon-to-be-wed couple.

Of course they chose an Admiral for this strong and powerful mom, with the selection of Jaina Proudmoore, the Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras. While Curtis claims to not have much familiarity with the game, we can be certain this actor will nail a character study and officiate with the full force of the most powerful human sorceress in all the land.

Curtis, who is also starring in the new movie Everything Everywhere All at Once, recently shared on Jimmy Kimmel that her hand-made costume was special ordered via Etsy from a seamstress in Russia. With the Russian war on Ukraine ongoing, the costume may not make it in time with current supply chain issues, but with the resources Curtis has—and sensitivity to the situation—she won't mind finding another way to become a magical leader come wedding day.

Curtis's daughter Ruby Mae came out as transgender a year ago and has helped the star in her ongoing re-education and "metamorphosis" evolving beyond the concepts of fixed gender binaries. This March, Curtis celebrated her daughter's birthday on Instagram sharing, "​​As a proud parent of my trans daughter I VOW to use my freedom of speech and my right to vote to SUPPORT my child and ALL children trying to live FREELY as who they are."

As waves of conservative anti-trans legislation continue to move across the country, parents of transgender children are directly attacked as well. Just last month, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Governor Greg Abbott ordered that parents seeking gender-affirming care for their trans children be investigated for abuse. Luckily, a Texas appeals court currently has blocked this legislation citing "irreparable harm" to trans children and families, so we shall see where this case ends up.

In the meantime, we can take our parenting cues and style notes from the incredibly cool Curtis family. May we all end up at a cosplay wedding one day.

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