Viral Instagram Post Tells Sweet Story of President Biden Helping a New Mom, Proves He's America's Grandpa

The sweet post proves Joe Biden is not just America's president: He's also America's grandpa.

An image of Joe Biden and his family.
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We've all heard the old adage of politicians shaking hands and kissing babies, right? Enter President Joe Biden, who joins a long list of presidents (see: this compilation) who've famously posed alongside adorable newborns. There's no doubt about it: America loves a good politician-showing-off-their-baby-holding-skills moment.

But then there's this story, which occurred away from the campaign trails and the presidential stage. A new Instagram post tells an eighteen-year-old story of a time Biden stepped in to help a new parent.

"Eighteen years ago, a sleep-deprived new mom entered a Wilmington, Delaware coffee shop with her extremely colicky baby and tried, unsuccessfully, to make a cup of coffee. It spilled everywhere, and so did her tears," the post, which appears on OverheardCelebs' feed, reads. "Suddenly an older gentleman came over, helped her mop up the counter and said, "Here. I'll hold the baby while you make yourself another cup. I have lots of grandkids. Fussy babies don't scare me."

According to the post, Biden comforted the baby before telling the mother "She's beautiful. Enjoy her. These tough days won't last,".

"The mom was me," the post concludes. "The man was Joe Biden. And the words were true."

One commenter weighs in with another story about Biden holding a baby to help a frazzled parent. "A friend was flying cross country with a two year old and a newborn about 15 years ago, without her husband because he was serving in Iraq," the commenter shares. "Joe was on the same flight and sat beside her and held her baby the whole time!!" As a mom of two who has never had the guts to travel solo with both children, let me tell you: The value and kindness of this act is monumental.

If you've ever struggled to manage a baby, toddler or young child in public—whether it's a cranky newborn who just wants to be held at the grocery store or a two-year-old who is melting down while you're attempting to eat a meal—you probably get why this sort of thing matters. As parents, we all need a helping hand (and a cup of coffee) sometimes. And this post proves the value of these interactions, whether or not the help is extended by a future Commander in Chief.

And if that's not enough, Biden has also been making headlines for his baby-holding skills just recently at his inauguration. Demi Lovato posted a now-viral image of POTUS watching her perform with his grandson in his arms.

There's also politician Jaime Harrison's viral photo of Biden holding his son, captioning it, "This is one of my favorite pictures... our President @joebiden, six years ago, with our oldest son (at his 1st political event). I'm sure he will forever treasure this picture."

Here's hoping for many more adorable presidential photo ops with adorable babies—and precious grandpa/grandchild moments from President Biden.

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