BYUtv gathered seven bloggers, YouTube stars, and Instagram influencers to pay tribute to their heritage resulting in powerful, sentimental images. 

By Lauren Pardee
September 27, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of BYUtv

Now more than ever, connecting with your heritage is a relatively quick and easy process. In fact, exploring your roots has become a full-blown trend thanks to companies such as and 23 & Me—BYUtv is on its fourth season of “Relative Race” a competition reality show that follows contestants around the country in search of their family roots. The fascination and curiosity that comes with discovering who you are is seemingly contagious. In celebration of the return of “Relative Race,” BYUtv gathered seven female influencers to recreate their ancestor’s portraits in hopes of emphasizing one’s strong connection to their ascendants and the results are breathtaking.

These YouTubers, bloggers, and Instagrammers pulled from their own personal archives before flying out to Utah where they were handled by the best hair, makeup, and wardrobe specialists. Each before and after shot packs a powerful message about just how connected to our past we really are.

Chelsea Crockett

Gabrielle Rader

Abby Smith

Hanna Slyfox

Natalia Johnson

(Second from the left.)

Kristin Adams

Sarah Tyau

It's beautiful to see the connection between these individuals and their loved ones. Doesn't it make you consider what you might find when digging through your family albums?


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