The boy captured the amazing footage from the backseat, just minutes away from the hospital. He's now big brother to a healthy, happy baby girl.
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May 30, 2019

A Nevada mom gave birth in the front seat of a car on the way to the hospital–and her son recorded the entire labor in a now-viral Facebook video that’s been viewed 10 million times.

Rudia Napier was in early labor with her fourth child on Friday, May 24. Her husband, Michael Addision, was driving her to the hospital with their three other kids also in the car when it became clear the baby wasn’t going to wait for a doctor.

Ten-year-old Jayden captured the entire birth on video from the backseat. Originally, the video was supposed to be a message to the baby from the journey to the hospital (you can see the budding videographer putting in his two cents on the video, saying, “hurry up”), but Jayden kept filming.

In one of the most touching moments of the video, the laboring mom comforts her scared kids in the back of the car. Between screams, she tries to calm the crying kids in the backseat, explaining their baby sister is on the way.

Things move pretty fast from there. Napier shrieks, “Mike, the baby’s coming out.” And she’s not exaggerating. With her legs propped up on the dashboard, she checks her own labor process. Addison keeps one hand on the wheel to get the family to the hospital and one hand on Napier’s leg.

In a superhero move, Napier pushes the newborn out and pulls the baby onto her chest. You can see the tiny infant’s eyes blink open and look right up at Jayden holding the camera.

“You guys got a little sister,” Napier tells the kids in the backseat through tears. “We got a baby. She’s so pretty.”

While driving up to the emergency room, Addison reassured Napier that their baby was breathing and her eyes were open.

“Man, that shit was crazy,” Addison later recalled in a Live Facebook video after mom and baby were in good hands at the hospital. “If I could relive that moment again and use that adrenaline… I can’t even tell you what was going through my mind. It was like someone just slapping you and slapping you and slapping you. But you can’t blink, you have to just keep going.”

Another Facebook video shows the medical team at Henderson Hospital rushing into action as soon as the car pulls up. They wrap the baby and get a gurney for Napier. The shocked and proud mom says at the end of the birth video, “We had a baby in the car.”

The couple named their newborn Jolee, in line with the other three kids’ “J” names (Jayden, Jai’Ahni, and Jaida). And the little one was nicknamed “Infinity Baby” since she was born in the family’s Infiniti FX35 car.

Addison also explained why this baby meant so much to the family. Last summer, Napier had a miscarriage around the eighth week of her pregnancy on Friday, July 13. Napier “put a lot of blame on herself. It was a really dark time,” Addison said in his Facebook video. “And then on Friday, May 24, she delivers our daughter, 315 days later.”

So baby Jolee is the Infinity Baby and the couple’s rainbow baby–and has a birth story no one in the family will ever forget.

“This isn’t our first time around the park,” said Addison. “But for baby number four, this was definitely something to remember.”