The International House of Pancakes is now the International House of Burgers, and lots of other burger chains and celebs have a bunch of feelings about that. 

James R. Martin/Shutterstock

As if the debut of Heinz' Mayochup wasn't enough weird food news for you this year, now, the internet has exploded in cackles over the International House of Pancakes, or IHOP's name change. The restaurant chain had been teasing it for a while, but on Monday, June 11, it became official: IHOP is now IHOB -- as in International House of Burgers.

The switcharoo has inspired a bevy of funny responses from fast food restaurants, known for burgers, like Wendy's and Whataburger, as well as our fave outspoken celeb mom Chrissy Teigen. Here are the trolling tweets sure to crack you up.

As for IHOP's reaction to all the trolling? IHOP's president, Darren Rebelez, told Business Insider on Monday that he's pleased by the response. "It's actually great," Rebelez said. "If we have other people in the world of burgers commenting on our burgers, it can only help." Yep, any publicity is good publicity!



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