Two-year-old Logan Moore received a handmade walking device from his local Home Depot after his family was worried insurance wouldn't cover it, and he tested it out in the store.

By Libby Ryan
Christian Moore

May 29, 2019

One family’s Home Depot shopping trip had a very special mission: They were going to build a walker for their son with hypotonia (low muscle tone) to help him get around. But the store manager and associates surprised them by building the walker for the two-year-old themselves.

The Moore family was worried about insurance covering a walker for Logan, so they turned to a DIY solution. That’s how they ended up at their local Home Depot in Georgia, looking for PVC pipe and sharing their plans with employees of the store.

Christian Moore
Christian Moore

“My store manager heard about this and we went over to them looked at their plans and said, ‘we got this,’” Home Depot employee Jeffrey Anderson posted on Facebook. The employees told the family to go get some ice cream and the team got to work. “Other associates started jumping in and when the family came back it was done. Everyone was crying to see Logan walk around with the biggest smile on his face.”

The Home Depot employees refused the family’s offer to pay them for the walker, but according to Anderson’s post, the team said “No way. This one is on us.”

Christian Moore
Christian Moore

In order to get a walker approved by your insurance, you have to go through your child’s doctor or physical therapist. While many insurances will cover part of the cost of medical devices that are recommended by a doctor, out of pocket charges can still be prohibitive to a family.

As for Logan, he immediately took to his new tool. “He loved it and he did not want to let go of it,” mom Christian told She says she’s keeping in touch with the Home Depot crew who made the walker. “They will never realize how much they mean to us.”



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