Holiday Inn and Burger Theory are giving away 10,000 cheeseburgers. You don’t have to be a Holiday Inn guest to get your free burger fix, but if you're smart you’ll stay for seconds to try their limited-edition Cheese Louise burger.

By Lauren Pardee
The Cheese Louise Burger from Burgery Theory.
Courtesy of Holiday Inn

As Americans, it should be our duty to come together to raise awareness and celebrate a holiday near and dear to many of our carnivorous hearts—National Cheeseburger Day. No, there may not be a jolly man passing out gifts or a personified bunny with a very big sweet tooth, but we do have Holiday Inn’s new incentive to give away 10,000 classic cheeseburgers on the big day. Yes, on September 18th you can get your hands on a delicious free cheeseburger—and we’re here to tell you how.

With no purchase necessary until supplies last, anyone can dig into a free classic cheeseburger at any of the 26 participating Burger Theory restaurants paired with Holiday Inn. Although kids always eat for free at any Holiday Inn, parents can take advantage of on-the-house cheeseburgers, too. Find a location near you, here.

If you appreciate a next-level burger as much as we do, you may want to stick around after your free cheeseburger to try Burger Theory’s limited-time menu addition, the Cheese Louise. Having tried it, we promise this burger is everything one desires with three kinds of cheese (cheddar, American, and Boursin), Burger Theory Certified Angus Beef, crisp lettuce, tomato, and house-made Killer Good Burger sauce all between two butter-toasted potato rolls. Did we mention the cheese even oozes out of the paddy? This is truly what dreams are made of and can be found on the menu from September 18th until November 11th.  

Here’s to one special holiday, may you celebrate amongst loved ones, great beer (in which Burger Theory ensures with their commitment to local brews), and extra messy melted cheese. Don’t forget napkins, the gift that keeps on giving.



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