This toddler steals the show in family business's holiday commercial with a twist at the end that will make your heart melt.

By Kristi Pahr
December 06, 2019

Holiday commercials are a big deal. Corporations shell out big bucks to see who can deliver the biggest tear-jerker or the most heart-warming ads throughout the holiday season. But this year, an ad from a family-owned hardware store in Wales is making waves, and bringing smiles, around the globe.

And it only cost $130 to make.

Hafod Hardware commercial
Credit: Courtesy of Hafod Hardware

Tom Jones, of Hafod Hardware in the town of Rhadayer, says he's been making a holiday commercial for the shop for the last few years now but the response this year has been off the charts. Probably because the ad stars his adorable 2-year old son, Arthur, and has a heart-melting twist at the end that adds another layer of meaning.

Set to a cover of Alphaville's 1984 song "Forever Young," the ad follows Arthur going through the day-to-day tasks involved in running a family business. The decision to use Forever Young "was just a case of working around doing something with Arthur," explains Jones. "We wrote the script to suit him. We had no idea it would be received this well though."

While most struggle to even get their toddlers to smile or sit still for a photo, Arthur looked like a true professional.  "He was great for the filming," says his proud dad. "The shop is like a second home for him so the jobs you see him doing in the video are nothing out of the ordinary for him. He always likes to help me out with stacking shelves, sweeping floors, or polishing the counter. Most of the shots we had in one take and we were finished in a matter of a few hours which was great."

At one point in the video, Arthur can be seen helping customers at the cash register. Turns out those weren't just any old extras. "The one gentleman is my father, Arthur’s grandfather." Jones explains that the younger customer is Josh, a family friend who helped produce the video. "They were all people Arthur knew which helped him being so relaxed on camera."

As for the response, well, Jones says it's unlike anything he expected. "The response this year, compared to the last ones, has been off the scale. We never imagined it would be received like this. It’s really touched us having nice comments from all over the world."

Hafod Hardware commercial
Credit: Courtesy of Hafod Hardware

The hardware store has been open since 1895. Jones joined the business around 10 years ago but says it has been in the family much longer. "My grandparents bought the business 20 years ago. For the majority of the time before that, it was owned by my grandfather's cousin." Jones says he hopes to take over the business from his grandparents one day.

Well, we certainly hope he continues the tradition of creating heartwarming holiday commercials for as long as possible!