Hilarious Video Shows Dad Takes His Role as Cashier Very Seriously While Playing Supermarket

Playtime is no joke at this household. And yet, the TikTok video of one dad playing supermarket is pretty hilarious.

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In a recent viral tweet, ESPN asked people to name something that isn't an Olympic sport but feels like an Olympic sport. Responses ranged from "sorting my kids' socks" to "changing diapers for the first time as a parent."

We'd like to nominate playtime with this Dad.

"Playtime with Dad is no joke in our household," wrote Mom, who goes by @michellelynnheart on TikTok, in the caption.

And Mom has some pretty compelling visual evidence to back that claim. She posted a video showcasing what playing supermarket was like in their home. It starts with a young child opening and closing a pretend cooler. "I'm going to need you to step away from the cooler," Dad says. When he doesn't, Dad keeps going. "Don't make me call security," he "warns."

Then, the father turns his attention to one of his daughters. "Ma'am, are you going to pay or what?" he asks her.

But the daughter gave it right back to her cranky cashier of a father. "I'm paying. It's in the chipper," she insisted, referring to her pretend credit card.

But the chipper wasn't working, so Dad told her to swipe it.

The hilarious video has 1.3 million likes. It's also been shared more than 33,000 times and has nearly 5,800 comments, many of which include some version of a laugh emoji.

"This is adorable," said one TikToker.

And others made quips about how it sort of resembled real life at a grocery store.

"Not the underpaid employee and the stressed mom with crazy kids running around," said one person. "He needs a raise after that shift," another said.

"You can't tell me this isn't an actual retail working experience," said another. "'The chipper isn't working, you're going to have to swipe it.' [He's] preparing them for the real world," joked another.

But one person summed it up: This guy is total dad goals.

"If I ever have kids, my husband better be like this," one person wrote.

Of course, it's no longer considered "luck" to have a dad like this. Parents today are changing the conversation on gender and family roles within a household. Many dads are the primary caregivers in their families and doing everything from changing diapers to taking the children to the doctor and, yes, getting silly during pretend play.

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