Hilarious TikTok Shows What Happens When Mom Is Startled Awake by Her Teen Son

If you thought it was terrifying to be woken up by a toddler staring at you in the middle of the night, wait until you hear this story of a mom being woken up by her teen man-son.

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As parents, we spend our time trying to find all the answers to helping our kids grow up. There are oodles of apps and books, workshops and classes that can teach parents how to grind baby food, be gentle with discipline, and encourage our kids to be independent, compassionate, all-around awesome little people.

But what no book tells us is there there will come the point when our babies grow up enough to confuse them for adults. And while we still see our kids as little, precious beings, that confusion can jump up and bite us right in the derriere.

One TikTok parent, Allison Sullivan of @sullivanfamilytiktok, blew up the internet when together with Sylas, Allison's teen son, described an event that may sound familiar to many of us: waking up to your child staring at you. But since Sylas isn't a little kiddo anymore, things took a hilarious turn.

The parent and teen duo took turns telling bits of the story.

It starts by Allison setting up the story, "OK, Sylas, tell our friends what happened last night."

"Nothing. Except you almost killed me," Sylas says. To which Allison prompts him to explain why.

Allison then begins to laugh as Sylas explains that he tried to figure out if his mom was asleep by saying, "Hey. Wake up." But since Sylas is no longer a little kid and has a deeper voice than a kindergartner, Allison woke up in a panic, thinking a grown man was standing in the room.

"And you started roundhouse kicking and punching and looking for things to throw," says Sylas. He was simply looking for a charger.

By this point in the video, they are both giggling at the absurdity of the situation.

Allison says, "Yeah, I know; you used to want juice and goldfish, and that really raggedy Elmo. What's the difference now, Sylas? What's the difference now?" Allison asks while laughing. "You cannot stand by my bed and stare at me and try to figure out if I'm awake or not and then say (uses deep voice) 'Hey. Wake up.' You can't do that!"

"Every now and then I'll turn the corner and be shocked by the grown man standing at my refrigerator helping himself to the cheese before realizing it's my son," Sullivan tells Parents.

"Adolescence is disruptive, man. It feels like it happens overnight! A Facebook friend told a story of her son talking to her, bedside, in the middle of the night, and how she woke up fighting for her life, and I thought to myself, 'Oh yes! This is just the relatable drama all moms can cheers to.' The comments on that video proved it was so."

The video has been viewed 792,700 times and counting, and more than 1,000 comments from parents sharing similar hilarious accounts of being scared awake by their kids.

Commenters seemed to find some camaraderie on how startling it can be to mistake your own child for an adult and that it tends to happen in the middle of the night in precisely the type of scenario that Allison and Sylas hilariously describe in their video.

One commenter, @RyJack08 wrote, "Same!! My 17 year old will walk in at 1am or 2am to ask if he can order DoorDash!"

Some parents in the comments found the humor in the story but had a slightly different take. For example, @butmooommm added, "If my kids wake me up at that age asking for a charger I too will wake up roundhouse and kicking and throwing stuff too."

But it wasn't just parents commenting that they have felt that sheer panic of waking up to their grown up sized child staring at them. Several kids had some thoughts to bring to share.

TikTok user @Moose shared, "I'm 20, a few weeks ago I woke up my mom at 3am to tell her I threw up. It only ends when we leave."

And @wesleyblanchard pointed out that the swinging fists in the video may not be hyperbole. "It's OK, I tried to wake my mom up for something at around 11:30 a few weeks ago, and she punched me."

Sullivan tells Parents that Sylas has since agreed to start every sentence with "Mom" when he's in her room after dark from now on. As funny as the incident may have been, for the Sullivan family, it's just another example of how humor can help guide everyone through weird new experiences.

"Parenting well is my life's work; it's a serious thing! But, honestly, I have found laughing with my kids to be one of my most useful tools when it comes to correction and calming, connection and bonding," Sullivan said. "Humor isn't a cure-all, of course. It might not slay dragons, but it certainly subdues them. We laugh a lot to lighten up around our house."

The first of my three kids has reached puberty, a dizzying growth spurt, and suddenly has chin hair, attitude, and a new funky odor. And while I anticipated all of those changes thanks to the library of parenting books I've read over the years, no one prepared me for the day when I would mistake my son for a grown adult, leaving me startled just like Allison and Sylas.

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