Headspace Launches 'Star Wars' Mindfulness Content for Kids

Emotions can be tough. The force—and Headspace—have your back.

The force is with you—literally—thanks to a series of new releases by mindfulness and meditation app Headspace.

Throughout August, Headspace will release Star Wars-themed, short-form mindfulness content for families and children. The four-part Find Your Force with Star Wars™ series will be available on the YouTube Kids Headspace channel. Each video will feature Chewbacca™ and his sidekick BB-8™ as they journey to Chewbacca's™ home planet of Kashyyyk™. The trip won't be smooth-sailing, but Headspace's kids and family mindfulness pro Samantha Snowden is there to help the two remain relaxed and focused even as they face challenges, including difficult emotions.

Headspace x Star Wars
Headspace x Star Wars

The first video is about five minutes long and was released on Monday. Headspace has offered a few spoilers for parents interested in downloading the series for their children.

Headspace is also offering families a two-month free trial with any purchases made on shopDisney.com from Aug. 8 to Sept. 8, 2022.

Find your Force with Star Wars | Chapter I: Millennium Falcon™ Meltdown (Out now)

Chewbacca™ and BB-8™are set to head to Kashyyyk™, but Millennium Falcon™ isn't. Snowden helps the characters problem-solve while remaining calm.

Find your Force with Star Wars | Chapter II: Breathe to the Light Side (Release date: Aug. 15)

Snowden teaches Chewbacca™ and BB-8™ the art of being good sports as they head to Tatooine™ to find a part to fix Falcon's hyperdrive.

Find your Force with Star Wars | Chapter III: Sweet Tatooine Dreams (Release date: Aug. 22)

Chewbacca™ and BB-8™ arrive at Tatooine™. With the help of Jawa™, they find the missing hyperdrive part. It's a win, but they're exhausted. Snowden takes them through an exercise to help them get some sleep.

Find your Force with Star Wars | Chapter IV: Galactic Gratitude (Release date: Aug. 29)

Chewbacca™ and BB-8™make it to Kashyyyk™. It was a long and, at times, challenging journey. Snowden's wrap-up exercise recaps the highs and lows of the adventure and teaches little ones about gratitude, appreciation, and celebration.

Kids have had a challenging couple of years. A 2021 advisory from the U.S. Surgeon General reported that the pandemic further exacerbated a mental health crisis affecting youth.

There is not a quick fix to this crisis. It will take time and resources. But Headspace's new release could position one—of hopefully several—resources that may help kids work on their mental health.

Though this Headspace series is aimed at children ages 5 to 10, kids of any age can give meditation a try. Experts stress that while apps can be useful tools, as with many childhood behaviors, parents and other caregivers serve as the best models. Try meditating with your child. Showing children that you're committed to a practice can inspire them.

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