HBO Max Pulls Almost 200 'Sesame Street' Episodes and Parents Are Not Happy

The news about Sesame Street on HBO Max stunned parents and left kids heartbroken. But families can still watch Sesame Street elsewhere.

So long, sunny days. Instead of chasing the clouds away, HBO Max pushed out Sesame Street.

HBO Max removed about 200 episodes of Sesame Street last Friday as it sought to make room for new content pending its merger with Discovery+ by the summer of 2023. Now, people are making like Oscar the Grouch and airing their grievances.

"Nothing is safe," tweeted one person.

"The kids were watching classic Sesame Street on @hbomax and wanted to see the entire sequence of episodes where Big Bird has to rebuild his nest after a hurricane. In the middle of watching it, HBO Max pulled those seasons and a bunch of others," tweeted one parent. "This is what happens when media is at the mercy of big corporations. If we had them on DVD…this wouldn't happen."

HBO / Warner Media

"As a parent whose child's comfort show is Sesame Street—and the older episodes at that—what HBO Max did is absolutely soul-crushing," lamented one person.

Now, before you take to social media to vent, consider heeding Elmo's advice and taking a breath.

Even though there are more than 4,500 episodes of Sesame Street, there are still about 400 episodes of the show on HBO Max, and a spokesperson for the platform told BuzzFeed the newest season is still set to debut this fall.

Sesame Street "is and has always been an important part of television culture and a crown jewel of our preschool offering," the spokesperson said in a statement to BuzzFeed.

Then why the move? One Twitter user demanded answers.

"Hey, @Discovery why did you remove hundreds of old Sesame Street episodes from HBO Max?! WHAT WAS THE REASON?!" the person asked.

That said, the long-running, popular television show reportedly isn't generating strong ratings for HBO Max, and Warner Bros. is looking to trim $3 billion in costs because of the merger. The spin-off The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo was also removed from the platform.

Where to Watch Sesame Street

Sesame Street can still be viewed on platforms like YouTube and local PBS stations. In fact, PBS was happy to lend a hand last week after people learned the news and weren't exactly doing a happy dance (dance).

"Just leaving this here for anyone who might need it," PBS tweeted, along with a link to watch full episodes.

Since not everyone has PBS, Sesame Street's account directed people to YouTube.

"Your friends on Sesame Street will always be here when you need them. Visit the neighborhood any day of the week with full episodes on our YouTube channel:," the account tweeted.

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