Grandmother Prescribed Hugs From Her Granddaughter After Getting the COVID Vaccine

After not seeing her family for a year, 80-year-old Evelyn Shaw got fully vaccinated and was urged by her physician to have a heartfelt reunion with her loved ones.

Photo: Courtesy Jessica Shaw

This past year has been filled with more Zoom calls, FaceTimes, texting marathons, and emails than ever before. And while technology has helped people stay in touch, no amount of screen time can compare to spending time with loved ones in person. That's why one doctor was thrilled to be able to write a grandmother a prescription to hug her granddaughter. The photo of the script for 80-year-old Evelyn Shaw is going viral after her daughter Jessica shared it on Twitter.

On March 9, Jessica, who is the host of EW Live on Sirius XM, shared a photo of the prescription as well as a video of her mom getting the first hug that she's gotten in a year after being fully vaccinated against COVID.

Jessica told that her New York-based mom has "been having a hard time" being isolated during the pandemic. "I have my partner and my kids in my bubble, but my mom is a widow," she noted. "She was alone."

And although they had visited outside of her apartment window, "it's just not the same as physical contact," she said, adding, "My mom was living with a constant loop in her head of terror all the time, and she was alone. It was terrible for her."

But thanks to vaccination, Evelyn was finally able to hug Jessica's niece who she noted is a teacher and had also received two shots.

Jessica's sister, Dr. Laura Shaw Frank, added to the conversation on Twitter, noting, "This is holistic medical care. Our mom's doctor (also mine and my daughter's doctor) knows that our mom is very nervous to return to the world even after vax x2 + 2 weeks. She figured out how to ease her path. Medical care from the heart."

Jessica tells, "The response just speaks to how many people around the world are longing for this kind of moment, and hopefully, this one hug gave them a little extra energy to hang on a bit longer."

The same day that the Shaw sisters shared their heartwarming news, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that not only can fully vaccinated people—like Evelyn and her educator granddaughter—gather indoors without masks, but fully vaccinated people can meet indoors sans masks with unvaccinated people from one other household (unless any of those people or anyone they live with has an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19). That said, here's hoping Evelyn will be enjoying lots of hugs from all of her grandkids soon.

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