A mom from Manhattan reimagined the children's classic Goodnight Moon as Good Morning Zoom, created for families staying home together during the global pandemic. Now, she's donating proceeds to COVID-19 relief charities.

By Maressa Brown
June 17, 2020
Lindsay Rechler

As is the case in households around the world, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown is a storytime staple for Lindsay Rechler's kids. But when the global pandemic began to shift and change life as families know it, Rechler, an investment banker and mom in Manhattan, was inspired to reimagine the classic children's book as Good Morning Zoom.

Rechler had been sensing her kids' confusion over their sudden need exponentially increase once limited screen time due to remote learning and the fact that Mommy and Daddy were home a lot more than usually. And like many parents, she was searching for a way to explain the pandemic to her children.

"My kids had stopped going to school, stopped seeing friends and family and we quickly transitioned to a different life where technology had replaced human interaction," she shares. "I did not know the right way to explain to my 2.5- and 4-year-old that the world had suddenly changed. I wanted to tell them a story that would be comforting and familiar, and I felt the lyrical tone of Goodnight Moon would provide that comfort."

Instead of a telephone, a red balloon, two little kittens, and a pair of mittens, Rechler's lyrical parody paints a relatable picture of parents hard at work on the couch while wearing the same pajamas, distance learning for kids, as well as "indoor sports and couch pillow forts."

Lindsay Rechler

The mom of two also wanted to offer a sense of hope to kids living through this unprecedented moment. "I felt that this modern twist would capture the emotions that young children might be feeling during the global pandemic," says Rechler. "Furthermore, my hope was that this would mark in history as a written account of how our children felt during this period of time."

Although the book touches on some of the darkness we're all experiencing right now, like "sirens everywhere" and "a world not quite right," the overall tone assures young readers that there is light at the end of the tunnel and they'll be back in the world again soon.

Rechler's message and its heartwarming tone is resonating with audiences. "The feedback has been inspiring," says Rechler. "Several parents have reached out expressing that this book became a coping mechanism for their family and a way to express this 'new normal.' I was asked to read to a pre-school class today over Zoom and several of the 4-year-olds were able to give direct feedback and comment on the familiarity of the story."

Lindsay Rechler

What's more, Rechler self-published the book through Amazon, and proceeds from book sales will be donated to three COVID-19 relief charities:

  • PROJECT C.U.R.E, which helps to provide key medical equipment and PPE to hospitals in need
  • No Kid Hungry, whose goal is to help end childhood hungry through effective programs that provide kids with the good that they need
  • STRIVE, a job training and career development services agency, which has proven especially helpful during these unprecedented times

It's clear that with Good Morning Zoom, Rechler is not only giving voice and hope to little ones who are replacing school and hugs with technology but supporting families everywhere.


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