Watch These Grandparents Hug Their Grandkids for the First Time Since the Pandemic Started and Try Not to Cry

As more grandparents get fully vaccinated, heartwarming clips of them embracing their loved ones are hitting the internet.

African grandmother and granddaughter running to hug each other
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This month, as the United States looks back on a whole year spent fighting COVID-19 and all the anxiety, loneliness, worry, and stress that came with it, the light at the end of the tunnel appears to be getting brighter. As more and more older Americans are getting vaccinated, we're hearing stories of heartfelt family reunions happening from coast to coast. Here, some of the sweetest videos and photos of grandparents seeing their grandchildren for the first time since the pandemic began.

1. The Prescription for a Hug

After completing her vaccination schedule, Evelyn Shaw, a grandmother from New York, received a prescription from her doctor. "You are allowed to hug your granddaughter," the script wrote. Shaw's daughter, Jessica, shared a shot of the prescription as well as a video of her mom hugging her niece.

"I hope the takeaway for anyone is to hang in there," Jessica tells "It's been a terrible year, and so many people have lost so much, most tragically loved ones. We feel incredibly blessed that our mother, who was high risk because of her age, stayed healthy. But the next step for her health and for the health of so many will be addressing the mental health of those of us who have been isolated from loved ones for a full year."

She feels heartened that her mom's doctor knew her healthiness was bigger than just a vaccine. "She needed the hug as well," says Jessica. "I just want everyone to have that pure a moment of love and relief and acknowledgment of all that's been lost but also of hope for a future where we can hug our loved ones every day."

2. An Oklahoma Family Is Reunited

A video of a Norman, Oklahoma family sharing their first hug in a year is going viral. The heartwarming clip features a granddaughter running to her grandparents and embracing them for the first time since the pandemic began.

3. Granddaughter Says She Needed This Hug as Much as Her Grandma

On March 10, Twitter user @sarahmarie426 shared a video of herself hugging her grandmother, writing, "If you do anything in 2021, get the vaccine just so that you can hug your grandparents. This was my first hug with my grandma in a year. I think I needed it as much as she did. I'm so very thankful for the scientists and those involved in the creation of the vaccine. #vaccinated."

4. Grandson Got a Surprise Visit From His Grandparents

WDSU News covered a heartwarming surprise reunion between a tween and his grandparents. His mom said that her parents were visiting for the first time in eight months, and that they're very close, which is immediately apparent from the emotional clip.

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