Girl's Letter Addressed to Her Dad in Heaven Gets a Response from Big-Hearted Postman

A postman, who'd recently lost his own father, got help from Facebook to track down a girl who sent a sweet letter to her deceased dad.

Letter in mailbox.
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It's a heartwarming story in the wake of Father's Day: A little girl addresses a note to her deceased dad and it's picked up from the post box by a mail carrier who recently lost his own father. From there, he's able to track down the little girl and return the letter, with a gift.

In Leicester, England, a mail carrier named Simon emptied a post box in Braunstone. In it, he found a letter addressed to "Dad" with an address of "Heaven, Cloud 9." Touched, he posted on a local Facebook page asking for help finding the family of the child who'd written it.

"I myself lost my dad last year and as an adult found it hard so I can only imagine what this child is going through," he wrote.

Word found its way to Sarah Tully, the mother of the girl, 8-year-old Sianna. Sianna's father died in an accident when she was 4 months old, and she regularly writes letters to him on Christmas, her birthday, and Father's Day, reported local news outlet Leicestershire Live.

Tully told the outlet that she's "absolutely overwhelmed by the response of the postman and of everyone who has seen the post." She also said that she and Simon had a conversation and she posted on Facebook a photo of the statue he brought for her daughter.

She said she plans to print out the social media comments and give them to Sianna when she's older.

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