These Gift-Wrapped NICU Babies Might Be the Sweetest Thing We've Seen All Year (We Mean It)

A nurse made sure that the babies in the NICU at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta got a well-deserved dose of holiday magic.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Photo: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Juggling the regular stressors of the holiday season and new parenthood can be tough for anyone, but it's especially hard when your child is in the NICU. That's why Susan Mojcik, a nurse at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA), aimed to bring cheer to NICU families by making babies festive blankets. The blankets, which resembled boxes of presents, instantly transformed the infants into adorable gifts.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta NICu babies christmas
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Mojcik was inspired to make the heartwarming blankets to ensure that the babies and their families were able to revel in the magic of the season.

CHOA's nurses has a reputation for bringing merriment to NICU families. In response to CHOA's post about the blankets, one Facebook commenter noted, "We were there with our son last Christmas. Lifting up all those children and their families."

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta NICU
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Another noted, "My son spent several years in a row at Children’s Hospital Egleston and Scottish Rite during the holidays. They have the best nurses." And a third remarked, "My daughter who will be 37 on Christmas Eve was 10 weeks premature. I still have the Christmas stocking and beanie she got when she was born."

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta NICU
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

And CHOA's heartwarming celebrations aren't limited to the winter holidays. Last year, a nurse crocheted adorable Halloween costumes for the tiny patients.

Given the sweet messages left by former patients, it's clear that the CHOA staff has succeeded in bringing NICU families joy during the holidays and all year round.

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