Funny Dad Photoshops His Daughters Into Crazy Scenarios in Text Updates for Mom

Ever since his eldest was 3 months old, a dad in Belgium has been editing himself and his kids into hilarious, adventurous scenarios.

Kenny Deuss and child.
Photo: Courtesy of Kenny Deuss

When one parent is home full-time with the kids and the other is at the office, check-in texts can get rather mundane. That's why one dad in Belgium named Kenny Deuss decided to switch things up for his girlfriend Tineke Vanobbergen after the birth of their daughter, Alix, in 2019.

Deuss began sending her Photoshopped shots of their baby girl in various hilarious and cinematic situations. Now, Deuss has compiled a treasure trove of images of Alix and newborn Aster on his On Adventure With Dad Instagram page.

More than 300K followers have been treated to gems like Alix floating the vending machine and Aster being carried away by a seagull. In the caption for the latter, Deuss wrote, "We spend two days at the Belgian coastline. Apparently there are a couple of aggressive seagulls there. If someone finds their nest with Aster in it, please let me know."

He's also posted photos of Alix "robbing" an ATM.

The first image that kicked it all off was one of Alix dressed up like the tiniest astronaut on a flight mission.

Deuss told TODAY Parents about the origin of his handiwork: "I like to make subtle jokes and pranking my girlfriend this way was a no-brainer for me. At first she reacted with confusion, because she couldn't comprehend what happened in the picture. But she quickly realized it was a joke."

Now, he finds inspiration in "random moments in daily life." "We're going fun places to make photos and we make them playfully and of course safe," he told TODAY. "My daughters still don't realize what's happening, but they love doing this."

And as they grow up, it's likely they'll be even more impressed with the results of their dad's creativity. After all, how many kids have an album like this one to look back at?

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