Frida's Fart Jar Lets You Catch All of Your Baby's Impressive Moments

Apparently no memory is too gross—or explosive—to save with Frida's Fart Jar. Cherish every moment they say.

Photo: Frida Mom

Many parents would agree that there's nothing better than that new baby smell. Their head, their skin, um, their farts? Okay, that last one isn't super unpleasant—until they eat solid foods that is—but are we really hankering to sniff baby toots long after they've been transmitted? Apparently, some are, since Frida Baby has introduced a companion to its colic and gas relief product, Windi the Gasspasser. For those caregivers not familiar, the Windi is a tube that is inserted in a baby's rear end, a la a rectal thermometer, to relieve trapped gas.

The company's inspiration for the new companion product is a bit unusual: TikTok. The powers that be at Frida noticed that some (bored) creators were capturing their bodily releases in mason jars for reasons unknown. Not to be outdone, the baby brand said, "Hey! We want to do that, too."

It seems parents are on board with the nostalgic need to bottle up their little ones' flatulence for inhaling it at a later time (perhaps after sending a child off to college?) and recalling that night they were up at 3 a.m. wondering why in the name of all things holy there's so much screaming until—oh, that's why. The baby had gas. Well anyway, those treasured memories must be worth preserving in smell form. Apparently. And thus, Flatulence Acquisition and Retainment Technology (F.A.R.T) was born.

This innovative, one-of-a-kind system ensures one-way transmission of your cutie's tooties and keeps them smelling ripe as they day they were ripped in what Frida calls a toot time capsule. Still with us? This is not a drill—it's real. You simply use the Windi as intended to help your honey rid their body of gas pain, attaching the keepsake jar to the other end of the tube that's not up the, well, other end, and so as not to let those bottom pops just disperse into thin air as nature intended.

If this new way to stay connected to every single moment of your parenting journey is right up your alley, you can sign up for the deets on when this device will be ready to retain those rippers. Might we recommend storing this tushy testimonial from your child's early life alongside their booger box and toenail clipping cache? Because it seems no memory is too small—or too gross or stinky—to save, given the miracle of modern science…and TikTok.

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