New Frida Mom Line Is a Game-Changer for Postpartum Recovery

Frida Mom is a first-of-its-kind wellness line of postpartum recovery products meant to prep and support women through the "fourth trimester."

From Chrissy Teigen to Ali Wong to Amy Schumer and bloggers everywhere, new moms have taken to publicly singing the praises of postpartum mesh underwear over the past few years. But they've also wondered why the product, which makes life right after baby so much easier, isn't more readily available outside of a hospital. The same has been true for various items that make postpartum life more comfortable. It's a widely-felt frustration that Frida, the parent company behind Frida Baby, the makers of NoseFrida the SnotSucker, has set out to address with a new line called Frida Mom.

In a release about the line, the company points out that "approximately 4 million babies are born in the U.S. every year, and with them countless products, books and doctors' appointments that focus on newborn care." Meanwhile, "the 4 million women that gave birth to those babies are told to check in with their physician 6 weeks post-delivery and are sent on their way from the hospital." This leaves women in the U.S. "insta-hacking a recipe for 'padsicles' and D-I-Ying their way through tending to their stitched up post-delivery bodies."

Chelsea Hirschhorn, the CEO of Frida and a mom of three kids who are currently 6, 4, and 18-months, was inspired to create the line during her second pregnancy, when she noticed just how little progress had been made in terms of postpartum recovery solutions.


"This project really started after my second labor and recovery experience," she says. "I had gone through the labor and delivery and was equally as disenchanted with the recovery process as I was the first time. Nurses were still stuffing a size five baby diaper with ice and taping it between my legs on to a wee-wee pad—it was equally as archaic as it was when my mom gave birth, and the fact that nothing had changed despite all of the progress we were making culturally to put women's needs first was disappointing."

Hirschorn says she had to "traverse five different aisles in three different stores and trolled Amazon and eBay for black market underwear!" After dealing with the "isolating experience," she observed that, "It's so intuitive for women to MacGyver their way through problems they're experiencing without complaining, that the people who were in a position to change the landscape weren't invested in the problem or paying attention to the percolating opportunity."

Hirschorn says that, thankfully, we're seeing a "cultural shift in prioritizing a woman's needs," and "it certainly helps when women like Chrissy Teigen, Amy Schumer, Ali Wong, Cardi B., etc. are using their platforms to expose the archaic realities of what women actually go through during this time of their lives."

Determined to tackle this problematic set-up for postpartum moms once and for all, Hirschorn set out to create "an entirely new category of consumer products dedicated to making a first-time mom feel as informed and confident as a third-time mom."

Frida Mom's revolutionary new line-up includes:

  • an upside-down peri-bottle
  • 2-in-1 instant ice maxi pads
  • witch hazel pad liners
  • perineal healing foam (instead of spray)
  • mesh underwear for both C-section and vaginal deliveries
  • a super-soft delivery + nursing gown
  • two hospital bag essentials kits

Hirschorn stands by each and every one of the products, having tested them herself during her third vaginal delivery and recovery "to make sure we nailed it." The result: "We did."

She shares that she felt testing them herself was key to presenting "a raw, unfiltered account of what to truly expect." "I wanted everyone to know that I had personally tested each of the products on my own vagina before I would expect any of them to use it on theirs—and sharing my actual birth and my recovery journey was table stakes to do that successfully," Hirschorn explains.

Ultimately, the CEO hopes that society can make postpartum recovery even better for new moms by encouraging women to "feel safe in sharing the realities of their experiences, totally free from judgment. Knowledge is confidence, and confidence during that delicate stage of new parenthood can mean the difference between a good experience and a debilitating and isolating experience." She also hopes retailers will "make the preparation process easier to navigate by making the right products universally accessible and easy to find."

Frida Mom products are now available on, in select Target stores nationwide, as well as on Amazon and at BuyBuy Baby.

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