Flight Attendants Throw In-Flight Baby Shower for New Parents Bringing Adopted Daughter Home

A pair of new parents got the surprise of a lifetime on a flight to bring home their newly adopted daughter when flight attendants arrange for the whole flight to celebrate with the new family.

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There's no denying that social media can sometimes be the perfect place to share a rant or post a complaint or throw yourself a little pity party. We all do it and that's OK. It's good to get it out and social media can be a great place to find support when you need it. But sometimes someone takes the time to share something truly uplifting, something that made their day or week or whole life better, and that makes your day or week or whole life better because you had the opportunity to read it.

Twitter user Dustin Moore did just that when he tweeted out the story of a flight he and his wife took to bring home their newly adopted baby girl.

He wrote," Not too long ago, my wife and I boarded a @SouthwestAir flight with our recently adopted infant daughter. With clearance to return home to California, my wife carried our precious bundle, while I offered numerous apologies to passengers while maneuvering the aisle with 4 bags."

Anyone who's ever taken a baby on a flight knows that there's always the possibility of grumpy, anti-baby passengers, and starting off by apologizing is sometimes the best defense. In Moore's case, everything was going well until his daughter needed a diaper change. His wife asked a flight attendant, whose name was Jenny, and accommodations were made to allow them privacy while she changed the infant.

Jenny and another passenger asked about the baby, complimented her, and Moore gave them an abbreviated version of their adoption story. Soon after, another flight attendant, Bobby, approached, asking about the little girl, and again Moore shared the adoption story.

Then something unexpected happened.

Moore and his wife heard the intercom click on and Bobby the flight attendant announced a VIP passenger: the Moore's daughter."'She’s just been adopted by her parents Caren and Dustin, and is making her way home.” The entire cabin erupted in cheers and applause," Moore tweeted.

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Courtesy Dustin Moore

But wait, don't grab your tissues just yet. There's more.

The crew passed out napkins and pens and encouraged the passengers to write a little message, advice, or support to the new family. Moore said he and his wife sat "sat in speechless gratitude, as people kept peeking over their chairs to congratulate us."

Some of the messages included, "Rub each other’s feet, and rub the baby’s feet." "Make time for date night." "Always tell her you love her." "Enjoy every minute. It goes by sooo very fast."

Bobby and Jenny, the two flight attendants who organized this amazing act of kindness, presented more than 60 napkin notes to the family, along with a pair of pilot's wings for Moore's new daughter. It turned out that the couple was married and someone had organized a similar surprise for them on their honeymoon flight and they thought this would be the perfect opportunity to pay it forward.

And to the Moores, it meant the world.

"The outpouring of love from that flight brought on by the actions of two thoughtfully observant flight attendants ... it exceeds my ability to describe what it meant to us," Moore explained. "How much those wings and written notes uplifted two new parents determined to love their new daughter."

baby shower on plane
Courtesy Dustin Moore

He closed the emotional thread, saying, "This website is used oft as a means to share what’s wrong. I hope you’ll take time to share what is good. In a world of turmoil, don’t forget to showcase the Bobby’s and Jenny’s, the kind strangers out there. And if they don’t cross your path, be one. Seek good, or create it."

Thank you Bobby and Jenny, and welcome to your family, Baby Moore.

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